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Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening?

spiritual awakening

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakenening is a phrase that is too often carelessly thrown around in metaphysical circles when one has a breakthrough of spiritual beliefs. A spiritual awakening is actually moving into a state of being the “Watcher” of your own thoughts, words and behavior. It is as though you are separate from the human form who is doing the action and able to without prejudice or judgment, to see what is really your authentic truth.

Which, by the way, is what the soul is seeking with every re-incarnation. It is how people sometimes explain the “rapture” of feeling more enhanced with awareness and viewing life from a higher consciousness. It is certainly not the easiest path, letting go of ego’s illusions but the peace and clarity it brings are priceless. No longer a puppet to the ego and being thrown around emotionally by everyone and everything. Listed below are a few signs this may be happening to you at this moment in your life. Oh, by the way, there is no “End Game” to spiritual awakening, it just keeps on evolving until you take your last breath!

1. An Awareness of a Bigger Presence

With an intense spiritual awakening comes an awareness there is an omnipotent presence living within everything around you. Nothing is inanimate, even when pounded into 3,000 pounds of steel for an automobile. It is still living energy. (p.s.) Why the nicer the relationship you have with your car, the less trouble it will give you and purr like a cat.

2. Increased Connection with All Living Creatures and Beings

One of the beautiful gifts of spiritual awakening is our heart opening up to everything! Nothing is now considered inconsequential. We become more positive, more generous, more caring and more perceptive to emotions and feelings in all life forms.

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3. Heightened Colors, Sound and Energy Perception

When you spiritually awaken, there is a heightened quality to everything. One will feel a more profound connection with animals and nature. You sense an aliveness from everything that is around you.

4. You Will Experience A Healthy Balance of Peace

When we experience more positive emotions, leaving the negative ones behind, gratitude takes over. What comes with a spiritual awakening are periods of serenity and peace. The chatter of the ego is temporarily shut down, supporting our physical health and sense of wellbeing.

5. Death Becomes Accepted as Just Another Part of Life

The thing about Death is one never knows when it is going to arrive. It is the unpredictability and not knowing what actually waits for you on the other side that brings the fear. Many make claims they have been there but I am more of the belief from the movie “What Dreams May Come” with the late Robin Williams. Basically, your personal belief of whatever heaven or hell is the energy you will pass over into. But the biggest reason why we fear death so much is what we are leaving behind. The realization that you will leave loved ones, wealth, fame, social status and the physical body behind.

6. We Become DIFFERENT!

When our identity is attached to tribal origins, religion, moral judgment, jobs, political views or social status, it’s easy to not rock that boat. When you suddenly awaken to find yourself not feeling you belong anywhere or to anyone but yourself, you begin to discover self-awareness. All that we are; is within and everything outside becomes irrelevant.

7. The Appreciation of Doing Nothing

This is so about “stopping to smell the roses” and to actually do it. You will find if you run in the morning, you will just stop and turn your face to the sun to feel the warmth. Forget the schedule, you are there in that moment of joy over doing nothing! You lose the feeling of having to go, go, go and always stay busy. You turn your phone off, shut the TV down and just be.

8. Relationships Change

You will find your partner, friends and family may react in an unpredictable way. Trying to lessen your experience by saying it is “just a phase and it will pass” to “holy shit! she’s become a religious zealot.” It might possibly disappoint you but it is your journey and only you can follow that path. You cannot bring anyone along with you.

9. You Do Not Suffer Fools on Any Level

Even if you had this trait before of believing you always know best, the way you deal with who try to impose their behavior, beliefs and opinions on you do not push your buttons like they used to. Oh, the “side-eye” may still be there but you either graciously walk away or continue without comment. You have become aware that what you want to share will fall on deaf ears. It is an empowering feeling, being totally self-contained and not giving your power away to fools.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Being spiritually awake comes in many levels to everyone. There is no rule of thumb or measure of awareness, just you, now awakening to the beautiful world of the “seen and unseen” you were not aware of before.

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