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Ariana Grande defensive about Mac Miller? Do her fans deserve more?

ariana grande mac miller

Ariana Grande defensive about Mac Miller? Do her fans deserve more?

Ariana Grande recently joined Ryan Seacrest on his show. Ryan wants a good show and he wants juicy relationship gossip. Of course Ariana had her own agenda for appearing on his show but Ryan referred to Ariana’s ‘rumored’ relationship with Mac Miller claiming that she had pretty much confirmed on Instagram that they’re in a relationship.
Ariana’s defensiveness is not one of her best looks. With much insistence she stressed that whatever the post implied to Ryan and his millions of listeners, it did not mean that they were entitled to anything more than what was seen on instagram. Although Mr Seacrest persisted, he didn’t get much more from Ariana around her relationship status. Although he did consider that posting social media means that the posts actually become something. Good point Ryan, but she’s still not going to spill the beans.
Later that day… Ariana appeared on the pre-recorded Ellen DeGeneres Show and did appear to confirm that she was dating Mac Miller. Maybe Ellen is just a more worthy candidate than Ryan.
Ariana is due to launch her Dangerous Woman tour next February before finishing off in Florida next April.

Véronique’s Verdict

Ariana drew The Nine of Hearts, the Two of Wands and The Magician. There is a feeling of fulfillment with The Nine of Hearts, of comfort and satisfaction. An inseparable connection to a universal birthright is revealed within this card.

The Two of Wands shows that Ariana is establishing herself as a credible artist who will be taken seriously. She is learning to balance both the masculine and feminine energies of the self, thus obtaining true power when dealing with the day to day practicalities of life.

The Magician is the embodiment of the conscious mind and she has unwittingly directed her energies in quite an aggressive manner. The magician has gained mastery over the elements through the power of thought. I feel that Ariana has a good understanding of how she comes across to her fans and this endears her gaining further support.

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