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Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. Will they take it to the next level ?

Ariana Grande Mac-Miller

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. Will they take it to the next level?

The cute couple was spotted out and about packing of the PDA’s in an LA vegan restaurant. Ariana Grande and Mac Miller were seemingly blissfully ignorant of their surroundings, having eyes only for each other.

The ponytailed songstress has recently come under fire from Lena Dunham who expressed her confusions over the not so subtle lyrics of Ariana’s recent song with Nicky Minaj. Well, it doesn’t seem to have stopped Ariana in her stride, as she’s a little preoccupied with her new love as well as her ponytail which she also loves. Maybe she should write another song about a million ways to do a ponytail.

Another best seller; but I’m sure she has other things are her mind right now.

Véronique’s Verdict

So will they take it to the next level or won’t they? Ariana and Mac drew the Queen of Wands, the King of Pentacles and the Ten of Hearts. This is one connection with all the ingredients to go further.

The Queen of Wands belongs to Ariana, the self-confident songstress whose impatience can sometimes be to her detriment. She very much needs to engage with a love interest who is capable of keeping her attention. There is an intensity in her that allows charismatic self-expression to shine as long as she is not opposed. Mac is very much the King of Pentacles here. Solid, big-hearted, instinctive. He has a self-assured nature that allows Ariana to be the star of their particular show. The ten of hearts says that this couple may possibly have found their spiritual family. There’s a lot of romantic love between these two. For now, Ariana will embrace her passionate nature in the best way, and Mac will maintain his view of Ariana from the pedestal that he placed her upon.

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