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Arnie’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger out with his two best ladies!

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Arnie’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger out with his two best ladies!

Model and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger has been spotted out and about enjoying lunch with his mother Maria Shriver and current girlfriend Abby Champion. Patrick has found love since his split from Miley Cyrus after their five-month romance last year. Author Maria looked relaxed around Abby and there appeared to be genuine affection between them. The nineteen-year-old model displayed the usual teenage attributes, checking her phone every two minutes in between laughing and hugging her boyfriend. Patrick and Abby have been very open about their love, enjoying workouts together and socializing as a couple. Well, you know what they say, the couple who plays together stays together!

Véronique’s Verdict

The cards drawn here are the Eight of Swords, the Nine of Pentacles and the Lovers card. In this instance I feel that the Eight of Swords is the card of Patrick’s mother, Maria. As a mother, she wishes to protect her son and continues to look out for him, but I do feel that she will take a step back in order for him to conduct his love life in the way he sees fit, but being readily available should he need her support.  The Nine of Pentacles shows that Patrick is in a good place, enjoying many earthly pleasures, he is following his heart right now. The Lovers card belongs to Abby and signifies the love affair in progress. I feel that there will be many opportunities open to Abby at this time, quite unrelated to love and she will choose the best options. Patrick and Abby’s romance will continue to develop on many levels. They should enjoy the present and all that it brings.

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