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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows there’s life in the old man yet!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows there’s life in the old man yet!

Arnold, the former governor of California was in good spirits as he shopped with his 41-year-old physical therapist girlfriend Heather Milligan. The 69-year-old clearly continues working out.
The sophisticated duo enjoyed a spot of shopping in Prada. Very swish! Arnold remains the estranged husband of Maria Shriver with whom his marriage ended in 2011.
Arnie’s love child with the couple’s housekeeper came to light. Oh-oh! Arnold and Maria have four children together. They are yet to divorce.
Arnold and Heather have been dating for quite a few years. What’s next for Arnie?

Véronique’s Verdict

Arnold drew the Queen of Hearts, the Prince of Hearts and the Two of Pentacles. I feel that the Queen of Hearts represents Arnold’s wife Maria. The faithful, loving, perfect wife and devoted mother who wants to take care of everybody. However, Maria’s loyalty did not appear to extend to Arnold after hearing that he fathered the housekeeper’s child. I do not feel that Arnold and Maria’s love feelings disappeared. The Prince of Hearts shows the chivalrous romantic side of Arnie. All things considered, he generally acts with good taste and can be relied upon to do the right thing in many ways. Arnie has no need to be single, and part of him is in love with the idea of love. The Two of Pentacles shows Arnie addressing the practical considerations of life. I feel that he will embrace change yet again and attempt to put the past behind him in order to move on with his life. He has made mistakes but will not spend the rest of his life apologizing for them. I feel that he has much to look forward to.

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