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Ashley Greene how are you handling Joe Jonas confessions?

Ashley Green how are you handling Joe Jonas confessions?

Ashley Greene how are you handling Joe Jonas confessions?

Ashley Greene, you have nothing to worry about. The world was looking at his confessions and shaking their heads. Not at you, but to the kiss and tell antics of a boy, not a man. Unfortunately, you cannot put an old head on young shoulders, and I feel Joe may have a little more growing up to do in that departments. It was a very insensitive thing he did, and I hope you don’t let it get to you.


In this day and age, there are very few adults who can claim to be virgins. So no one would have expected you to be whiter than white. But there are as I said in Joe’s story, certain things which should never be brought to the public forum. The manly thing for him to do now would be to apologise. But will he? The method or reason you finished, is not important. This is seen by all as a very bad move on his part.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Let’s throw a few cards out for you and see where things are heading for you Ashley Greene.

The Ten of Coins.

This card shows a time for you to concentrate on domestic issues. The family are important and always vital for support. There may be news of moving or renovating. But it looks like it’s a time to invest in the nest. The inward train of thought is good for a while, but it should only be short term there are new beginnings on the horizon.

Empress Card.

Here is the mother of all that is new. She would be Mother nature, and in the ancient Irish traditions celebrated by Bridget, the goddess of spring. She tells of new beginnings. Something new and exciting being born in your life. I would be inclined to take this as the spring of 2017.

The Knight of Cups.

Here is the night in shining armour. A man of honest heart and mind. He will be the one to put the fun into life in the most effortless way. Mainly because when you meet a soulmate. There is no work involved in making the magic happen. It just does. Let’s put the past behind you and look forward to a positive future. Head held high and a broad smile.

To conclude. Ashley Greene.

You have a very exciting 2017 ahead of you. Now I know you are a February baby. But March seems to be a month when a new day dawns. Be open to change and it will come.


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