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Ashton and Mila fight over baby names – trouble in Paradise?

Ashton and Mila fight over baby names

Ashton and Mila fight over baby names – trouble in Paradise?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are facing one of the first challenges of parenting: baby names. Those who haven`t experienced this yet, wouldn`t know how much pressure is on both parents when it comes to deciding. And not only that, but the baby`s name can reveal a lot more about a relationship, too. While it might be a far stretch, one thing is true. Even the most perfect couples find it hard to agree when it comes to this. Differences surface, along with long-forgotten grievances.

Of course, the hormones have a huge role in the arguments, too. And yet, this is something that both of them needs to agree on in the end. There are a few couples, who actually separated over the fight about baby names. Harsh, you might think, but as I said, there might be underlying issues behind these quarrels.

We can only hope that it`s not the case here, and their relationship won`t suffer in the long term. They still have some time. Although Ashton`s comments about wanting to name their baby “Hawkeye” might not help the situation. Of course, he has a rational explanation, and as the father, he should have a say in the matter. But in this case, the mother might just know best.

Will this affect their relationship, and are there any underlying issues? Or this is just a usual, minor disagreement? Let`s consult the cards to find out whether there is anything else they need to be aware of.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Five of Cups for Mila: Okay, so this is a very emotional period, but Mila also feels a tad bit disappointed. Clearly, to her, this is a more serious issue than “just the inability to agree on a baby name”. There is a need to look deep within and find out what could be causing this dissatisfaction. Hope is still there, and looking at other options might be a good thing (for baby names at least).

Knight of Pentacles for Ashton: Ashton is patient and reliable, although his ideas might not be too reliable when it comes to names. He feels the need to plan everything in advance, but some things just don`t feel right. And as this method worked with their first child, he thinks that it will this time as well. But it won`t. Try to go about your regular activities, and inspiration will strike when least expected.

Seven Pentacles for the couple: Although they don`t agree in this matter, they both try to focus on things that will help them grow in the future. Instead of the differences, they focus on what works for both of them. And this is a very good approach! The solution is near; they both need to have just a little extra patience. Nothing is lost and their love is strong, which will help them get through this as well.

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