Astrological outlook from the depth of December

As we conclude this year of 2021, many still find ourselves estranged from the spirit of Christmas because of the pressures and complexities from the months prior. This includes the stresses from our careers, family, loved ones, and personal romantic relationship(s). There are also astrological and metaphysical associations that have also compelled these energies at times, to be “out of focus” for us individually to resolve these issues. The depth of December and all of these new astrological energies will allow us to once again focus on matters most important to us without relinquishing self-identity in the process.

I will go into detail concerning these topics without requiring a crash course in astrology, or to brush up on perhaps what you already know.

With our knowledge, also comes the yearning to learn and know more. Like the tides that are affected by our Moon, we are also affected by the planets that are in the wreath of our heavens.

As we end this year, we also want to know by the guidance and wisdom of our heavens and what to expect in the New Year to come.

The culmination of astrological events

The astrology for December is somewhat complex because of the culmination of astrological events in the months prior but, I will hopefully be able to give you direction as to how this month’s events will assist you in dealing the possibly of a plethora of situations you may have faced in 2021.

I want to emphasize on keynote astrological events this month that will have affected you in love and romance, finances and careers, family and better health.

We started the month of December off by the Solar Eclipse on December 3rd/4th which reflected upon the tumultuous times we are in which also stationed Venus in close conjunction with the always transformational Pluto further highlighted by the Sun and Moon.

These events influenced our individual associations with family, friends, coworkers, and romantic relationship(s), which have has caused fractures when communicating intent. I have spoken with many of you still very much concerned as to what happened at the ending of last month and the beginning of December. Hopefully, I was successful in providing you guidance as to how to overcome these negative influences caused by these astrological events.

There are also two key events that took place more recently.

Gemini full moon and Venus in retrograde

The Gemini full moon that took place last Saturday evening on December 18th, and Venus stationing retrograde on the 19th. These two events alone had many influences on us regarding all things relative in the months prior. I took many calls as I am quite sure most the other counselors did as well here on 7th Sense concerning feelings of being lost or confused about life in general.

With the back to back events that took place on both of these dates, I assure you, it was to be expected, as these events were directly centered over emotions past and present. What comes as a salvation to us all is that also on the 19th, Chiron (the wounded healer) stationed direct assisting us with deep rooted internal wounding’s, as well as those most recent.

Because Venus stationed retrograde on the 19th at just one degree past Pluto, her “rebirth” at 25° Capricorn will be just in time for Christmas bathing us all in the light of hope, love, and prosperity. Her influence will be strong in these areas all the way into the first two weeks of January illuminating a prosperous beginning to the New Year ahead in 2022.

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