Astrology Update: Watch out for Drama and Scandal as the Sun Enters Scorpio

What does it mean when Sun enters Scorpio?

When the Sun enters fixed sign Scorpio from the October 22nd to the November 22nd, we can expect to find anything from high drama, scandal, to solitude and deep reflection. Like all signs of the zodiac, there are light and dark shades to the Scorpio personality. In the light, Scorpio can bring about rejuvenation, transformation and purification in our lives. In the dark, it is capable of destruction, annihilation and manipulation. However, the latter takes place only when we are not aware of it or its power.

Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet is responsible for the powerful energy that Scorpio exudes into the atmosphere. Pluto encourages us to find a sense of purpose and search for the truth. Therefore, it is no surprise that many personal transformations take place during this period, particularly to those who are born during this time.

What are its effects?

As the Sun transits through Scorpio, it will bring to the light anything concealed in the dark. This a time of hard truths and facing the facts. Scorpio is the sign of drama and has an uncanny way of bringing the secrets out in the most shocking fashion. Although, the shock factor is usually associated with the planet of Uranus – Pluto has some audacious tactics of its own!

Pluto (Scorpio’s Ruler) is similar to its rebellious cousin Uranus, enjoys causing some disruption. However, causing upset is not always a bad thing; it can help us to reassess the way we live our lives and consider a different way of doing things. This will be particularly true when the Sun opposes the Uranus in Taurus from October 31st. During this time, we might choose to rebel against the status quo. However, despite how it may look, our intention may not necessarily to deliberately to cause trouble; it’s just we feel unafraid and are will willing to do things differently.

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Luckily when the Sun trines Neptune in Pisces from the November 10th, it can help to calm and soften any blow caused by Sun opposition Uranus. This transit can help us embrace our imagination and get the creative juices flowing. As a result, we catch ourselves daydreaming more and fantasizing about the future. Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune can help us to be open, compassionate and non-judgmental during this time.

Another characteristic associated with Neptune is the element of mystery. Mysterious Neptune mixing with truth-revealing Pluto certainly will make some headline news.
A word of caution though, when the planet of mystery and illusion, (which is in Neptune) is in retrograde, certain people may appear even more elusive. Therefore, during our efforts to find the truth, some people or situations will be more difficult to with grapple with than others. One of Neptune’s specialties is to deceive us for a prolonged period of time. Fortunately, Pluto can help us to be more alert and question what we see even when Neptune fails us in being a little more discerning.

Additionally, when the Sun enters Scorpio, it can give us a strong sense of purpose and immense willpower. During this time, we may set ourselves targets and be determined to achieve them, which will be particularly felt by Sun Sign Scorpios. This transit encourages you to speak up where we previously you may have been a little hesitant. Passion, another characteristic associated with Scorpio, can help us to inspire people and transform the lives of others and vice versa.

So how can we get the most out of this period?

Life is full of mysteries, so often we are faced with situations that don’t make any sense to us at all. Scorpio and its ruler Pluto do not accept the status quo and help us to challenge the answers that others give us. At times we may be required to play the investigator, another Scorpio trait, while we try and figure out what is truly happening. Only when we are willing to delve further, that we can get to the heart of the matter.

Intensity, suspiciousness and determination are all themes associated with the Sun entering Scorpio. When the Sun enters Scorpio, we are required to put our hard thinking hat on. Scorpio forces us to ask the difficult question and face hard truths that we previously were not willing to face. The great thing is that once we are willing to face those truths, we often get a better understanding of who we are and where we are going.

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