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Auschwitz Survivor Celebrates 71st Valentine`s Day with Rescuer

Auschwitz Survivor Celebrates 71st Valentine`s Day with Rescuer

Auschwitz Survivor Celebrates 71st Valentine`s Day with Rescuer

‘Till death do us part’ has never been more true than in the case of John Mackay and Edith Steiner. The couple has not only proved that true love does exist, but also that it can survive anything. Sometimes love blossoms in the most unexpected places, defeating death itself. John and Edith`s story is both heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time.
World War 2 was coming to an end. Auschwitz had taken many lives and those who were still alive had little chance to survive. Edith and her mother were asked to work, instead of being sent to the gas chambers. They were on their way to a new concentration camp, guarded heavily by Nazi soldiers. It was then that John encountered the group and rescued the prisoners.

A ball was hosted to celebrate the successful rescue, which both John and Edith attended. One would think that a soldier who escaped certain death himself, wouldn`t be afraid to ask a girl to dance. Alas, he was, so he sent one of his friends to ask Edith to dance with him.

That was 71 years ago, and soon after the dance they got married. They have two children, several grandchildren and they share a happy life together ever since. The war brought them together, but their devotion to each other is what maintains their bond. Today John is 96 years old and they are celebrating their 71st Valentine`s Day together. The fact that both of them are in a nursing home only adds to the novelty of it all.

“John is a true gentleman. He is always checking in to make sure Eci is happy and the pair still refer to each other as ‘sweetheart’ on a daily basis.” Their activity coordinator said. What a beautiful and bittersweet romance, one that truly deserves to be taken as an example.

Valentine`s Day is all about love and celebrating what we hold dear. Let`s consult the cards to see what they tell John and Edith (and us) on this special day.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Two of Cups:
John and Edith`s relationship is harmonious and filled with respect. They have inspired, challenged and nurtured each other throughout the years. They share a truly special bond. For them, there is no longer ‘me’ or ‘you’, there is only ‘us’.

Nine of Pentacles:

They have both worked very hard to get here, but now is the time to enjoy what they have achieved. They look at everything with admiration and appreciation, including each other. What else could one hope for?

The Judgement:
In this reading this card reminds me that it`s never too late to turn your life around. It calls upon us to look deep within, and find out where we truly belong. Remember, love starts from within.


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