Awakening Dedication Of The Six Of Swords Tarot

Six of Swords

Awakening Dedication Of The Six Of Swords Tarot

Interpreting the Six of Swords is about making hard decisions, rising up to the challenge of finally overcoming what has been a burden for you for quite some time. When I see this card show up in a spread, I will always give thumbs up and an A+ for hanging in there and now finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel by your own tenacity and hard work.

It can sometimes mean a hard decision has to be made such as leaving a partner you truly love but has been abusive, walking away from a job or career that you now find excruciating to be there or finally letting go of those awesome and comforting midnight snacks and get on the treadmill instead. Whatever it may be, the decision will not be an easy walk in the park, but once you see, you cannot unsee what you must do in order to make your life better and whole.

In the reverse position, it can represent being stuck, knowing what you need to do but not yet quite ready to let go of the burden, as it has been with you for so long, possibly your whole life. If showing in reverse in the decision making position, it means you are close to choosing that life changing approach and trust me, the universe WILL provide the push in some way.

In general, the Six of Swords shows that the burden you have been carrying, you know you must make the change. It is essential that you must prepare for it and will not be an easy decision on your part, regardless of how you choose to bring it about. The three D’s of making hard decisions for life changes are Dedication, Determination and Discipline. They will be right at the top of the list to begin the process.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Where Career comes into play with this card, if you are presently looking for a job, it usually means one is getting ready to show up fairly quickly but also indicates it will raise the bar on your job skills. Possibly being asked to do demanding abilities you might not have been asked before on previous jobs. If you are already in a position, you may be asked to take on much more responsibilities than ever before. Always be realistic about what you know and what you can do as now is not the time to try and bluff your way through new responsibilities.

If Love and romance are being addressed and you are already in a committed partnership, extra outside burdens may complicate the time you have with each other. Balance would be the word here in figuring out how to make those hard decisions of who and what comes first and when. If you are single, when the Six of Swords shows up, it is a reminder to keep your life in balance and your priorities straight. If love is what you are looking for, then you might have to make some tough decisions on where you are putting your energy and be willing to cut back on an overwhelming workload or other obligations to keep time open for a new love.

The Six of Swords where Money is concerned, may indicate that the financial burden you have been dealing with is about to end and you might possibly be receiving that financial assistance you have been hoping for, in whatever circumstances it shows up. This is not a windfall or a lucky lottery ticket but a financial relief by your own effort.

Your Health outlook when this card shows up, is telling you it is time for you to make those hard decisions to bring your health status up to par. Regardless of what that may be, you are still looking at those difficult decisions and the big three D’s mentioned above. Meaning, if you have to lock the cookies up, throw away all the soda and chips, hit the gym, its time. Baby steps work much better than expecting to lift 20-pound weights over your head after a week.

With the Six of Swords, Spirituality is about a new awakening and being open to as many “ahah” moments the universe is ready to bestow upon you. You will actively start pursuing a more spiritual approach to life, whether that be a change in how you live it or just how your curiosity has increased about it.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

I have always liked this card showing up in a reading. It is about taking a “roll up your sleeves and let’s get at it” approach to challenges that have been on your plate far too long. The assistance is there for you, all you have to do is ask for it and be ready and willing to put the work into it to make it happen.

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  1. Yo! The card shown in the photo is 6 of swords. Why does this article start talking about 8 of pentacles in the 4th paragraph…. Weird

  2. Absolutely great reading! Spot ON! Thanks so much for all your hard work❣️❣️?

  3. I’m not sure if this was just a chance happening from my view, but it seems that the article started about the six of swords and jumped to the eight of pentacles halfway through?

  4. Hi Everyone,
    I do so apologize to all our 7th Sense article readers for my error on the article for the Six of Swords tarot card and then the Eight of Pentacles tarot card as header and in two paragraphs. The descriptions are accurate for the Six of Swords, I guess I must have been having a moment of writer’s block and missed it on the editing or when you try and multi-task. It will be corrected. My apologies!
    Susan Z

  5. I need a new start in my life right now my family f me over, l lose my job last year this time , I’m ready a my new job, in my blessings