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Even beautiful people come with insecurities says Britt Eckland.

Britt Ekland

Even beautiful people come with insecurities says, Britt Eckland.

Britt Eckland, Believing herself to be best known as Roger Moore’s Bond girl from the early 1970’s, this former beauty has revealed that she was never truly happy with her looks. Riddled with insecurities as a teen, Britt confessed to being a fat child with big ears and big teeth making her a target for bullies. Despite being offered a movie contract with 20th-century fox, she has said that she continued to feel insecure, but looking back at pictures of herself she can see how gorgeous she once was and does have happy memories of her early career. Will Britt always be just a Bond girl!

Véronique’s Verdict

What do the cards say for Britt today? She drew the Nine of Pentacles, the Lovers and the Nine of Wands. I feel that the Nine of Pentacles signifies Britt’s liberation from the self-imposed feelings of inferiority as a youngster and although she maintains she was insecure as an adult, this did not prevent her from associating with acting legends and the world of beautiful people. An actress famous for her much-publicized marriage to Peter Sellers went on to have a relationship with rocking Rod Stewart, having already starred alongside the likes of Michael Caine and Roger Moore as well as Peter Sellers. The Lovers represents Britt’s many paths of opportunity, career choices and lovers alike. The Lovers shows that there are two sides of every story. The Nine of Wands shows Britt as the confident goddess placed on a pedestal by her adoring public and the struggle to protect her privacy and emotional security. Britt is faithful to her purpose and has courage, she has overcome many personal challenges and should look back with pride on her many accomplishments. Britt is more than just a Bond girl. She will continue to focus her energies in the best and most disciplined way moving forward.

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