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Bella Thorne keeps everyone guessing. Single or Dating?

Bella Thorne keeps everyone guessing. Single or Dating?

 Bella Thorne has recently separated from her boyfriend following a series of small fights that led to their separation. (There’s nothing worse than putting the teaspoons in the fork section of the cutlery draw). So Bella left Englishman Greg Sulkin in the house while she has sole custody of their two cats.

A nice clean cut and amicable separation. Bella insists that she’s single right now after separating from Greg, but then she went on to post a picture of her kissing her soulmate best friend, also called Bella. Bella 1 and Bella 2. So Bella 1 says they’re not a couple, apparently, they’re just friends who like to kiss. And besides, Bella 2 has a boyfriend. Oh ok, thanks for clarifying!

Bella (Thorne) has taken to twitter to directly respond to a fan who asked if she was bisexual. Bella confirmed her sexuality to the fan aswell as her 6.4 million followers with a simple ‘yes.’

There doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between Bella and Greg, she says she still cares for him and is grateful for him for helping her through a tough period in her life. Bella has gratefully thanked her followers and fans who have applauded her for embracing her sexuality offering their continued support.

 Véronique’s Verdict

Bella drew The Moon, The Two of Swords and The Three of Hearts. The Moon is very much about separating illusion from reality and although Bella may have had fun keeping people guessing, I feel that she was masking her private emotional hurt.
The Two of Swords show a time of contemplation in Bella’s world, she is taking a brief respite in order for her heart to heal and for any inner conflict to be removed. She doesn’t have all of the answers right now and so will continue engaging in the fun side of life until she figures out her next steps emotionally.
The Three of Hearts show the gratitude that Bella has for the people around her at this time. There is much love around Bella right now. Friendship and fulfillment of love’s promise to heal is given to all who ask. I feel that Bella will allow herself to tap into this energy and come through in an emotionally stronger place. Well done for embracing healing energy within her world.

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