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Bella Thorne smooching new love interest. But what will her Ex say??

bella thorne new boyfriend

Bella Thorne smooching new love interest. But what will her Ex say??

Bella Thorne has been spotted smooching again. This time, it was with none other than MTV’s Tyler Posey. Bella and Tyler set the rumor mill going back in April last year. Apparently, Tyler and Bella’s ex-Greg are good friends so Greg obviously has no issue with this! Bella posted a rather defensive tweet in an attempt to set the record straight. She said, ‘It baffles me why rumors are made up about who I am dating when I’ve always been upfront and open in my personal life.’

Since splitting with long-term boyfriend Gregg Sulkin last month and posting a photo of herself and her ‘soulmate’ Bella kissing, well, the fans can’t help but wonder. Bella revealed to her six million plus followers that she was bisexual and thanked them for her support, the inference being that she was exploring her sexuality. I’m sure that lots of things are reported, but being in the public eye with millions of follows, I guess you don’t get to choose the bits that you like as ‘true’ and the bits that you don’t like as ‘false.’

Tyler was engaged to Seana Gorlick whom he proposed to in 2013 after a 10-year relationship, calling it quits in October 2014. Earlier this year Tyler publicly stated that he really missed her and was not ready to date. How times change!

Véronique’s Verdict

Which cards do we have for Bella today? Bella drew the Queen of Swords, the Prince of Swords and the Princess of Pentacles. I feel that Bella is having fun with social media and the press right now.

The Queen of Swords reveals Bella’s unhappiness living without a mate. Separating from Greg in the amicable manner that she stated was no compensation for the single life. This is one girl who has a need to be in a romantic relationship. Being single is a burden for Bella.

The Prince of Swords indicates the opportunity for Tyler to reconnect with Bella. He is young and quick to react. I feel that he has a charming energy around him but there is a sense of superficiality and conceit with regard to this connection.

The Princess of Pentacles shows that Bella is learning to trust her instincts. She has a desire to be a hard working grown up but there continues to be a conflicting energy that she feels too young to settle down. Bella should try to enjoy the fun side of life without getting super serious. The cards today do not reveal a true love relationship, rather a connection between two friends who are having fun trying to keep people guessing. Bella should understand that wearing camouflage trousers does not make her invisible!

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