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A Double Date with Ben`s Ex – Is Jealousy in the cards for Lauren?

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A Double Date with Ben`s Ex – Is Jealousy in the cards for Lauren?

Constantly having to prove your relationship to the outside world can mark even the strongest bonds, but what if you are the former Bachelor Ben Higgins and you are about to go on a double date with your equally famous ex?

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have been trying to show that their love is real from the very beginning. And maybe not just to the viewers of Ben and Lauren`s Happily Ever After, but to themselves, too. But to what extent are they prepared to go, and what will this mean in terms of their future?

Can the double date with Ben`s ex, JoJo, and her fiancé be a friendly reunion, convincing everyone that everything is rosy, or is jealousy present? According to Lauren the two women are friends, but she also thinks that “most women would think it’s weird to sit down for lunch with an ex”. To reassure us all, she adds: “but it ended up going really well”.

We also learn from their show that the couple is already facing difficulties regardless of the prying eyes, just like any other couple does. Living with another person can prove to be a challenge, and both parties need to make sacrifices and reach a compromise when it comes to the day to day issues.
Let`s ask the cards, whether they will be able to overcome these obstacles, or if Ben will become a Bachelor once more.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Knight of Cups for Ben: Ben has fond feelings towards Lauren, although he isn`t as action driven as she first thought him to be, so the happily ever after may have to wait, indeed. Especially since he doesn`t seem to be too keen to tie the knot just yet. Although it might not have anything to do with the double date, Lauren might be questioning what exactly it is that he is offering her.

Six of Cups for Lauren: JoJo and Lauren seem to have reconnected, and happy memories have been brought to the surface. Lauren accepts their past, and is ready to move on, looking forward to their future, starting fresh, and hopefully going in a new direction.

Strength for both: Using their inner strength and determination to make their relationship work, and their unified effort will help them overcome any obstacle. They realize what needs to be done, to progress to the next level, and they do exactly that, depicting maturity and a high level of composure.

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