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Why does Ben Higgins of “The Batchelor’s” feel left out?

Why does Ben Higgins of feel left out?

Why does Ben Higgins of “The Batchelor’s” feel left out?

Ben Higgins has revealed this week that he feels totally disconnected from the wedding plans. Welcome to the world of most married, or soon to be married men across the world Ben. Even if you did get involved chances are you would be doing it all wrong anyway. So, it’s safer to keep a safe distance and let her tell you when it’s safe to ask a question.

Since time began, this is a ceremony which appears to be the territory of the bride. Men who have tried to take the reins and lead the way have often fallen flat on their face in the process. Even worse, they have been left standing at the alter because she is not going to have her day ruined by your idea. No Ben, in the interest of peace of mind and a happy life, you must do what generations of brave men have done before. Step back.

Now let’s throw a few cards out and see where they are pointing for Ben.

The Fool Card.
Yes, it would be foolish to enter this female only area of wedding planning but you could offer a hand and wait to be asked. The fool card means stepping into unknown territory. So, unless you are a trained and highly recommended wedding planner, then perhaps in the interest of your personal safety and peace of mind, take a back seat for now.

The Ten of Swords.
Here is the card of stress. It is the stress that organisation brings. There is a target to be met and it brings with it a lot of planning. Get through this and you will see how you both manage stress together. It’s a good practice run for married life. If things go a bit sideways, it’s always better you are not within firing range where you could be blamed as the cause.

The Four of Wands
This is the card of balance and harmony. It would appear that the two of you can make the grade. Your energy is balanced well. There is a harmony and a connection that will keep everything going along nicely. Communication is your key to success on this topic. It’s better to keep a line of communication opened. When you are needed, just be sure you are there.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Wedding planning and childbirth. These are the two times in life when men can feel so helpless. They are part of the process, but not actually part of the process, which is very confusing. Don’t worry, everything appears to be in hand. The cards are saying that you are both well balanced and can overcome any stress that this occasion throws at you. You are at the beginning of a new life and preparing for the future. Perhaps it’s just a tradition that is instinctively born into us but we instinctively take on roles at times like this. Let’s just go with the flow for today. The energy for the year ahead is strong and balanced. I have a feeling this time next year you will be making another announcement. Let’s get this one out of the way first.

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