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A better view of Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas

A better view of Catherine Zeta-Jones

In the life of celebrities, privacy is usually non-existent. This doesn`t mean that they shouldn`t try to have some alone time, though. Everyone deserves a break from life and from the cameras from time to time. Especially when they are trying to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Just like Catherine Zeta-Jones did with husband Michael Douglas.

Right until the paparazzi decided to take their share of the vacation – and of Catherine, snapping pictures of her. Ones that she did not want, as it turned out later when she responded with pictures of her own.

“Pissed the paparazzi photographed my ass, thus sharing the photographs my husband took of my ass.”

Her statement and the photos taken of both her front and her back declare more than that. Did she just show the paparazzi a “better option for viewing”? Or was this a declaration of war? Either way, there is a line that only few can cross. There are no rules set in stone when it comes to celebrities, but they are human beings, too. They have feelings and emotions, and they also have the right to get angry at the misuse of one`s power.

Let`s consult the cards to see what else is in Catherine`s future (apart from the paparazzi of course).

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Two of Swords This “outburst” might have been an indication for underlying issues. A decision needs to be made, but Catherine is indecisive, unsure which way to go. There is no need to worry however, as all the necessary details will be revealed for you in due course. Look deep within to see why is this so hard, and why is it affecting your mood and overall wellbeing?

King of Swords There are some difficulties ahead I`m afraid. But this card suggest that you need to take on an objective point of view. Try not to take things to heart, but distance yourself from the issue. The next few months will require willpower, logic and mental clarity, as opposed to an emotional response.

Six of Pentacles Reversed: Be careful who you trust, especially when it comes to finances. You are surrounded by greedy people, who`s intentions aren`t sincere. Try to make sure that you don`t mingle with them, as you definitely don`t belong in such a group. When I drew this card, I had a feeling that it`s connected to your indecisiveness.

I would have wished for better cards, but everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we need to let go of things, places, feelings or people who don`t serve our spiritual growth any more. And after that our life can go on in the right direction. And this is definitely the case here. There is no need for action just yet, rather careful observation. And when all pieces fall together, then make that crucial decision. Good luck Catherine, we know you can do it!

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