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Beyonce’s seven gong win at VMA’s. But what’s next for Queen Bey?


Beyonce’s seven gong win at VMA’s. But what’s next for Queen Bey?

Beyonce goes from strength to strength as she receive’s a huge win of seven gongs during the Video Music Award ceremony. This includes the much sought after ‘Video of the Year.’ She took the opportunity to make a heartfelt protest against police brutality. Appearing on the red carpet with the star were the mothers of four men who lost their lives. 34-year-old Beyonce performed songs from her album Lemonade, her backing dancers were dressed as Angels, each one being ‘shot’ down during the powerful performance. She received mixed responses from twitter. Some thought it was the best use of celebrity, others believed the awards ceremony should be a fun affair without the politics.

Beyonce has now received 24 awards through the duration of this particular event. Well done Queen Bey.  Keep up the good work.

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did Beyonce draw today We have the World, the Ten of Hearts and the Death Card. The World is Beyonce’s stage and it is the platform in which she raises awareness of issues close to her heart. This card shows her desire for unity. In this respect, Beyonce is a product of the natural world doing what she can in the best way she knows.

The ten of hearts represents family and in this instance, I feel that it is her spiritual family. As a mother, it is impossible to comprehend what the mothers of the four men must be feeling. Beyonce respectfully invited the women into her world and they will feel the positives from this, gaining inner strength to raise further awareness. The death card is a reminder of the natural life cycle. Beyonce will continue on her quest for positive change, rebirth, and transformation of outdated beliefs. New life will come from death.

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