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Billionaire Richard Branson Riding Out Hurricane Irma On His Private Island

Billionaire Richard Branson Riding Out Hurricane Irma On His Private Island

Billionaire Richard Branson Riding Out Hurricane Irma On His Private Island

Well if you are in the path of Category 5 Hurricane Irma, own your own island right in its path and have a whole bunch of people on staff with you to ride it out…then I would say you have an opportunity to have one hell of a dramatic slumber party. English billionaire Richard Branson is riding out Hurricane Irma in the British Virgin Islands, seeking shelter with staff members in his wine cellar, as 185-mph winds approach Wednesday. The business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group is on Necker Island in the Caribbean, about 1,128 miles southeast of Miami and has owned the island since 1979. He has posted several pictures of the bunk style camp out with his staff on Twitter:
#I haven’t had a sleepover quite like this since I was a kid. Wonderful team here on Necker all well.
Sept 6th, 2017

“We had some lovely guests staying on Necker Island who have cut their trip short for safety reasons and another group of guests have also postponed,” Branson said in a statement on the Virgin Group website. “I will be on Necker alongside our team, as I have been on the three times we have had hurricanes over the past 30 years.” Necker, which has a large main house and several small Balinese-style houses that can accommodate about 34 people in total, is rented to private groups for $80,000 a night, according to its website. The island has more than 100 people on its staff.

Branson also said Necker boasts “really strong” buildings with hurricane blinds “that should be able to handle extreme weather pretty well.” He said their main concern was for British Virgin Islanders, who should make themselves as prepared as possible. “Whatever happens, keep inside, away from the ocean and away from flying debris,” Branson wrote. Recalling seeing two powerful hurricanes, Earl and Otto, strike the British Virgin Islands in 2010, Branson said he had beheld nature “at its most ferocious.” And he noted the damage done in Texas and Louisiana by Hurricane Harvey, which came ashore as the second-strongest Category 4 storm and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, killed an estimated 60 people and displaced more than 1 million more. “Harvey was a tragic and costly reminder that society is not doing enough to tackle climate change, Branson wrote. “If Irma is any indication, we must brace ourselves for more of these catastrophic weather events.”

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

If I were a biblical doomsday person which I am not, I would say this looks like the beginning of what would be an apocalypse. One natural disaster after another without a break. If we do not see the damage we are doing to our climate, we will continue on this path of self-destruction for at least another 50 years…if we survive that is!

King of Wands: Inverted (Upside Down)
A man of action, passionate about everything he does. I would say this card represents Branson but pulled inverted also indicates of how angry and helpless he feels about global warming and the violent weather it is producing. He is not a man that likes feeling incapable implementing a plan for solution.

Princess of Wands: Inverted
Young creative energy with new projects always on the table. Pulled inverted, it may show Branson working on future projects to help the environmental crisis.

Ace of Cups:
Gaining one heart’s desire. I believe that Branson feels like a very blessed man in life. He worked hard for his success and now feels strongly about making life better for others.

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