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Did Blac Chyna have surgery to lose the baby weight?

Blac Chyna Surgery

Did Blac Chyna have surgery to lose the baby weight?

Blac Chyna has been seen out and about after giving birth and is remarkably trim for a woman who has just given birth. Every woman that has ever given birth, has wanted to walk out of the hospital looking trim. However, we all know mother nature does not work that way. Blac Chyna denies any surgery, so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Why not? She is entitled to look good, as are all mothers. For all the mothers out there, mother nature knows best, so take your time and do it right. Crash diets can cause more problems than they solve.

To Blac Chyna

You look amazing for a new mother. You do not have to explain to anyone how you managed to look trim where other women seem to struggle. As I said earlier, it is a woman’s right to look good. She owes no one an explanation as to how she achieved it. Well isn’t that the name of the game? Your only priority now should be your beautiful daughter and watching her grow. Childhood is fast and every moment needs to be made special and sealed in a precious memory.

Let’s lighten the mood a little and have a look at what the cards say for you Blac Chyna

The Four of Coins.
This card is about balancing the things that are valuable. It’s not so much finance, as much as the things we consider precious. Of course, your children are part of this and you will be balancing this over the next while. The balance of work and kids which every mother must manage in this day and age. It is also important to allow yourself healing time. You have been through a lot recently and your health is your wealth.

The Emperor
This is your ability and your need to be in control of your own space. It’s all very well people being helpful and being there for you. I get the feeling with this card that you can find it a bit upsetting if you feel you are giving up control in any area of your life. Stand your ground on this. You can do it nicely, and without upsetting people. You may need their help later, so don’t burn your bridges.

The knight of Coins
This would represent Rob and the role he must play in the family unit. Sometimes with men it can be a little confusing, because they are not totally sure what is required of them. Now that your family has grown by one member, that pressure can be doubled. One child is a learning curve, two children can be a balancing act. Being sure that one doesn’t feel the other is getting all the attention is a never-ending battle.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Let’s play this year day by day. Your body will return to the way you want it all in good time. Even though now you are looking amazing. This year is one of children and family as the cards are showing. The coins also show that your role as a celebrity will not fall back into obscurity. Mums across the world will be interested in how you manage your family and work, and your body shape. As I said earlier, the healthy way is always the best way. Consider the year, a year of the family.

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