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What has Blake Lively been doing that turned heads?

Blake Lively wedding

What has Blake Lively been doing that turned heads?

Blake Lively of Gossip Girl fame has people watching in admiration this week. As she stepped out at a friend’s wedding. Nothing unusual about that you would say? Not really. Except Blake had only given birth to her second child a few days prior to the wedding. She and Ryan Reynolds welcomes their son into their family only a few days prior. He joins his big sister James born in 2014.

The couple has decided to keep their kids out of the limelight in order for them to have a normal upbringing. I’m sure every parent out there would agree with that choice. By all accounts, Blake looked stunning, as she supported her friend on her wedding day. There are many new Mums or expectant Mums out there who are watching in admiration.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

So what are the cards saying for you Blake Lively?

The Queen of Wands shows that you Blake, have a great energy both spiritually and physically. This makes you a very determined person and not one to sit back in the shadows. Even in Motherhood, you can show a great scope for being able to manage motherhood. Especially with many other things in your life. I doubt if baby number two is the last in the line. But for now, this is where your energy is focused.


The Three of Wands talks about this energy both spiritual and physical. The combination of the two is a force to be reckoned with. Most of your achievements, when driven by the mind are successful. And that is because when the spirit is behind your mental ability great things can be done. Hence the spiritual intervention. This is that inner voice, the inner belief that needs no explaining. because strangely without explanation, we understand it when it comes.


The Fool Card talks about taking on new challenges. There are many who say Motherhood is a new challenge. But this is your second time down that road so it’s not that. But it is possible that a new more experienced approach will come into place. As all Mothers know. No two babies are the same. So the same tricks don’t always work. But that’s the fun of the game. And it’s how you learn about this new little person who has entered your life.

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