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The Blessing of the Night of All Souls

The Blessing of the Night of All Souls

The Blessing of the Night of All Souls

The Blessing of the Night of All Souls. As we previously covered the Halloween history and it has rolled back the clock 2000 years to the Ancient land of Ireland. Here many of your ancestors were protecting themselves against the demons on the most dreaded of nights. There was another ancient celebration, which is still practised to this day in some parts. And for those of you who have lost someone dear this year. Here is your chance to open your heart and home to show them that you still care.

The day of all souls falls on November 2nd. It is said, that while the veil is still thin between the two worlds. The souls of our loved ones can come and visit for a moment on this night. It is said that they pass through you home briefly. While taking with them all the worries and pains that life has landed on you, and leaving love and blessings for the year ahead.

Now when they were living in our world, you would have provided them with food and drink for nourishment when they came to visit but as they are now spirit, this is not of much benefit to them. So, a symbolic alternative is put in place. In the heart of the home which traditionally was the fireplace, a candle is lit. In the absence of a fireplace, it can be wherever you gather with visitors. Because this is where the heart of the home is. On either side of the candle place a small container. 1 containing water and the other containing salt. It is believed that they represent the essence of life, and can be absorbed by the souls. This is just as welcome to them now as food once would have been. Their visit is brief, their message is love, and their gift is protection. You have nothing to fear, they have been shown they are welcome. Now they return to their spiritual home contented.

Safety first.
I would advise anyone doing this to practice safety with candles always. It doesn’t have to be a real flame; a small light will suffice, especially if there are children in the home. You can extinguish the candle after midnight if you wish. The light is to show them the way. You can place their photos around if you like, perhaps some of their things but it’s the love and intention in your heart that draws them. You can then continue the year knowing you are loved and cared for by someone over there.

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    1. The Blessing of the Night of All Souls
      Dear Theresa

      The Blessing on all souls night is a mark of respect for your loved ones who have passed. During the ceremony, you are opening your home and your heart to them. Nothing crosses the boundaries of the two worlds more than love. That is the love you have for them, and the love they have for you. The ceremony is not to evoke any kind of response from them. But to send your intentions in the strongest way possible.

      This is not a Séance , or another kind of ceremony to get a response. Simply an “I love you.” From you to them.

      Many thanks for your reply


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