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Peter Eckert: The Blind Photographer Who Sees More Than Us

The Blind Photographer Who Sees More Than Us

When a person loses a sense that’s crucial for survival, they need to find a way to cope with that loss – and survive. They involuntarily try to recapture what it felt like. But it will never be the same again. Those who haven’t gone through something similar, can’t even imagine what it’s like. There has always been a thick layer that separated those who lost their sight, and those who didn’t.

Well, this might be changing. Pete Eckert is one of those, who lost his sight at a young age. He had to reimagine his whole life, and that’s exactly what he did. Today he is a famous photographer. Yes, that’s right. He doesn’t consider himself to have a disability, at least not anymore. Instead, he is focusing on showing the world what it feels like to be blind.

Actually, he might just see more than any of us. He plays with exposure and light, creating stunning images. As he put it, he builds up the whole scene in his mind, then recreates it through the lens. He used to have his wife describe his drawings to him, but that didn’t work for either of them. This way, he can feel empowered and independent. He can truly show the world what it feels like.

“Like a bat, I can use my voice to echolocate my model. In (my pitch-black studio), I layer light, measuring what I’ve done until I’m satisfied with the image in my mind’s eye. People ask me how I know how to stop. But since I’m building the image, I have a very clear image of what’s happened. At that point, why would I need sighted people at all?”

Today, Eckert works with the crème of the crop, including Volkswagen and Playboy. Yes, he is blind, but he sees the beauty in everything that surrounds us. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to appreciate what we lost, but also what we still have. Let’s wish all the best for Eckert, and ask the cards what his story teaches us.

peter eckert
Seeing more – Eckert’s perspective allows him to create art that is entirely unique

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Queen of Swords:

Always take advantage of the opportunities life brings your way. You never know which one will change your life for ever. Know, that whenever you make a decision, you do it the best way you possibly can. Life is too short for regrets. Keep looking forward, but build on what you already have!

Seven of Cups:

What we consider to have great value, might turn out to be useless. But that’s okay! We always learn, and it’s especially in situations like these when we can set our priorities straight. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong, and start fresh once more.

The Fool:

Whatever happens, we need to keep our childish joy whenever we look at a new situation. We can always make the most and best even of a bad situation.

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  1. I admire everything about u. The strenght & faith u carry after all u been through is beyond amazing. I luv reading ur readings. Very touching.. & i would luv to see if u can imagine r feel if i am truley pregant. Im very much against abortions myself sir. Thanks Mr. Eckert god bless u