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Boaty McBoatface Maiden Voyage!

Boaty McBoatface Maiden Voyage!

Boaty McBoatface Maiden Voyage!

Boaty McBoatface is one of three robotic yellow submarines due to leave Chile for a more chilly climate this week when she embarks on her March 17th maiden voyage. Its job is to gauge the movement of Antarctic bottom water, the coldest deepest ocean water. Scientists believe that Boaty’s technology is able to build a thorough and three-dimensional picture of what’s going on. Essentially, scientists revealed they have evidence that bottom water is warming, but they’re not 100% sure why. Dr Eleanor Frajka-Williams from Southampton University said that Boaty would make measurements within these ‘streams’ and ‘rivers’ of the smallest-scale motions in a bid to understand how the water changes as it leaves the formation regions around Antarctica, spreading out over the world’s oceans.

So… the little yellow submarine will be dropped from a (not so) great height into the Orkney Passage, the gateway into the Atlantic Ocean and will head for the Antarctic as it works with scientists and predicts how climate will evolve. By all accounts, Boaty is in demand right now, but is this the shape of things to come? Are Scientists inadvertently making themselves redundant by investing in Robots who may prove to be more qualified to do the job for them? Or will Boaty McBoatface be yet another vessel whose maiden voyage turns out to be its last?

Let’s look at some cards.

Véronique’s Verdict

Today’s cards are the Wheel of Fortune, the Nine of Wands and the Six of Swords.

The Wheel of Fortune
This represents the never-ending rhythms of life. A spin of the wheel may bring unexpected good fortune and opportunity or it may create obstacles to what we desire.

The Nine of Wands
This represents the perspective of the scientists and their need to defend their research. A dual nature exists within this card but as long as a disciplined approach is taken with good judgments and moralities then there is no reason why the maiden voyage should not be the first of many.

The Six of Swords
This represents the robotic yellow submarine and its rite of passage. This card shows new vista’s opening up with solutions being offered to the small boat sailing into calm waters.

Collectively the cards bode well for this piece of research. The maiden voyage of Boaty McBoatface and its two siblings will be considered wholly positive, creating further research opportunities in the future.



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