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Oh là là. Brad and Angelina’s wine among world’s best!

Bras Angelina Wine

Oh là là. Brad and Angelina’s wine among world’s best!

Is there anything this power couple cannot do? Well, the global wine experts think not. The Miraval Rosé wine from Brad and Angelina’s 1,200-acre estate in France is now available to the masses. It’s had rave reviews from the experts and is rated alongside the best in the world. They are producing more of the stuff and sales have increased from the smaller stores in the US to larger wholesale stores. It’s currently priced at less that $25.00 a bottle. For those wishing to partake in a little tipple of the Miraval Rosé wine, experts recommend a little mature hard cheese on the side.

Véronique’s Verdict

Are we looking at Brad and Angelina’s wine producing future through Rosé colored spectacles. What do the cards say? We have the Ten of Wands, the Six of Wands and the High Priestess. The wands can be associated with work, and the Ten of Wands is the card of labor intensive hard work. This wine doesn’t produce itself you know! The Six of Wands is essentially the fruits of their labor. Many years have been dedicated to producing a decent bottle of wine that they are proud of. The High Priestess tells of the time spent skillfully, expertly and covertly involving a process that will reap more rewards.

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