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Is Brad Pitt all they say he is?

Brad Pitt

Is Brad Pitt all they say he is?

Brad Pitt has landed at the centre of a divorce. Now we all know that divorce proceedings are very rarely as delicate and light-hearted as the journey to the nuptials. Brad has been accused of the horrific crime of child abuse, and the media are dancing all over it. This can lead the public to take the same approach. Before any evidence has been produced, Brad is apparently guilty because he is male. And normally it is the male of the duo who is inclined to take this role. But that is not solid evidence.

Now I will not stand as judge and jury but look at some of what is being said.

(1)    He drinks and takes drugs in front of the kids. I know a lot of men who will drink beer in front of their kids. That does not make them bad fathers.

(2)    He had an altercation with his 15-year-old stepson. Show me one father who said raising a 15-year-old son or daughter was a walk in the park?

As I said I will not be judge or jury. But let’s approach this for what it is. It is a marital breakdown. Friends will take sides.  Being male does not make you guilty of anything. This same mentality that flies across the media, is also played out in situations where spousal abuse is the accusation. Automatically, the assumption is that it is the male who is doing the abuse. When it is the other way around, people can’t accept it and will often say he drove her to it. All I will say is, do not judge a book by its cover. Look at the bigger picture. A Marriage has failed. Feelings are hurt, anger will follow. As the old saying goes: If you want to know me, then come and live with me.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

This time around I will read for Brad Pitt, and see what the cards say is happening around him.

The Seven of Swords Brad, show the opposite of good luck that caused this whole situation. What once was wonderful has come full circle. There is a feeling of isolation the abandonment of all that you know and hold dear. Returning to what was once familiar but long lost. A time of just you. But there is far too much to be lost by just doing this. The fight is the only option for what you value.

The Nine of Swords. Things can be said that will later be regretted. The truth may hurt, but lies hurt even more. And the damage they do in the long run has far greater impact. Through truth comes dignity. And above all else, truth is your most valued possession through this whole messy process.

The Five of Coins is about putting things we value into perspective. For you, the value of family and home appears far greater than bricks and buildings. It’s time to see where the heart lies happiest and follow that route. Peace of mind has no price as its value is far too high. Whatever the outcome. We wish you as smooth a transition through this darkest of times. After which may you both find peace of mind and understanding.

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