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What does Bradley Cooper think about parenthood?

Bradley Cooper Parenthood

What does Bradley Cooper think about parenthood?

Bradley Cooper is often considered to be one of those people, who ‘has it all’. He has made many of his dreams come true, including acting and directing. And that`s an understatement, being one of the highest-paid actors in the world. Not to mention him being nominated for several awards. But it seems like something is still missing from his life. Something that he might be about to get.

Although it hasn`t been confirmed yet, Irina Shayk was reported to carry their first child. And even if the magical moment isn`t approaching yet, it`s definitely part of both of their plans for the future. Their relationship isn`t over-the-top, they keep their emotions to themselves. But we can still be sure that they are ready for the next big step.

Most people follow their parents` example, and that`s why it`s especially important to know what you get into. And this is the same for Bradley: “I saw how much joy fatherhood gave my own dad. So I hope it’s part of my journey. You go through stages in your life, and fatherhood seems like a natural stage.”

Furthermore, he is a true gentleman and a born romantic. What else could one wish for? But let`s consult the cards to see what is in Bradley`s future.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

King of Wands: Bradley has a vision, and he sticks to his plans, no matter what. His determination shines through every activity right now. He knows what he wants, and he achieves a lot. A new challenge is waiting for him, but he is ready to face it with excitement.

King of Swords: Being firm but fair is the key aspect of this card. Bradley is about to experience something new, and he needs to turn to his logic to know what to do. He abides by rules, and expects others to do the same. Be careful though, being too strict isn`t advisable, either.

Nine of Swords Reversed: Bradley is stressed out and deserves a break. There is a need to shift focus from worry to more positive aspects of life. It is a huge step, true, but you will get through it! Pay close attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal. That will help you figure out what`s behind these nightmares.


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