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Britney Spears new haircut for a new look

Britney Spears New Hair

Britney Spears new haircut for a new look

Britney Spears is always a lady looking to upgrade, not that there was ever anything wrong with the old Britney. But you have to give her credit, despite her problems of the past, she has managed to hold her head above water and carry on with her career. If nothing else that’s a good reflection on her fans that they stayed loyal to her throughout and still do today. But as for the new hairdo, it looks great.

Britney posted the pictures on Instagram where she says she has just cut her hair and is on her way to work. Now I can do that kind of thing because I don’t have a great deal of hair, but if Britney did that herself you have to give her credit for creativity. Britney has set an example for all her younger viewers that it’s ok to make mistakes in life, you can pick up and move on and that’s just what this lady has done. Well done Britney.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Britney drew the Eight of Swords, the Knight of Cups and the Three of Wands. The Eight of Swords show a woman who has fought her demons well and lived to tell the tale. She has a good head on her shoulders and kids to rear, so she’s really trail blazing at this stage. I feel she has gained a lot of inner strength from her past and it will serve her well in the future. The Knight of Cups shows a new prince charming entering her life. She wasn’t in a good place when she was married before and for Britney, it looks like third time lucky. The Three of Wands indicates that apart from the music, she has gained other interests and these are what keep her up and running. If I were to be bold and predict, Britney isn’t finished with a healthy love life and wedding bells should be ringing again for this talented lady.

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