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Bruce Riffey, A man who helped a stranger for 6 months

Bruce Riffey A man who helped a stranger for 6 months

A man who helped a stranger for 6 months

Charity is all about helping those who are in need. No questions asked, not even their names. Some of us walk by homeless people, giving them our spare change. Others help a fragile elderly lady cross the street. These small acts of kindness can brighten both people’s day – and often their whole life. We don’t expect anything in return, the knowledge that we did something noble is enough. For how long? We might do it every once in a while, but regular charity requires commitment.

Bruce Riffey is like many of us, he has a strong desire to help others. It all started with seeing a running woman and ended up in a 6-month’s commitment to help her. Rosie Gagnon regularly passed his house on her daily run. It was the middle of summer 2016 and she ran out of water. He offered her a bottle and after she overcame her initial shock, she accepted it.

A simple act of kindness, which is remarkable on its own. Bruce continued to do the exact same thing six days of the week, for six months. He doesn’t want any particular attention or reward for what he started. In fact, he just does what he always thought to be the right thing to do: help a stranger. To Rosie, it is about way more than that: “Because of him, I push myself a little harder. I can go a little faster and a little farther because of that simple act of kindness.”

When we know we have someone to count on, stranger or not, we feel blessed. Bruce’s teachings are equally true: “Sooner or later we all learn life isn’t about stuff. The best things we have are things we can’t pay for.”

People like Bruce make the world a better place. Let’s honour him by drawing some cards about his future, because he did way more than ‘just’ help a stranger for six months. He showed people that there is another way…

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Two of Cups:
This card represents the unlikely relationship between Bruce and Rosie. Fate brought them together, but his act of kindness started it all. You never know who you meet along your path and for how long you will travel together. Bruce certainly made sure that their journey will be memorable for both.

Three of Cups:
This card reminds us that although life is full of struggle, there is still time for good things. Joy, selflessness and quality time is equally important as your daily chores. Bruce truly appreciates things money can’t buy. He is a lucky man.

Six of Wands:
Remember the law of attraction. This card represents victory and all good things life can bring. Bruce’s kindness is going to reciprocate, bringing him all the happiness he deserves. He needs to know that what he did had a huge impact on others.


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