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Californian Rivers in the Sky – Biblical?

Californian Rivers in the Sky – Biblical?

Californian Rivers in the Sky – Biblical?

Most of us know the story about Noah and how he saved animals from the Biblical flood. Some of us even watched the movie that was released in 2014. However, the Biblical threat might not be pure fiction, but a real (and modern) threat to us all. Does this mean that it’s going to rain for 40 days and 40 nights?

Well, it’s a good question. It depends on how much time it takes for ‘15 Mississippis’ to come down. A study shows that these ‘sky rivers’ can contain up to 15 times of what flows through Mississippi each year. All that water is suspended in the atmosphere, hence the name ‘atmospheric rivers’ or ‘rivers in the sky’. Then, when they are ready, all hell breaks loose on earth. Homes are destroyed, and whole cities are devoured by flood. People are evacuated and rescued by boats and helicopters. Sounds quite Biblical, doesn’t it? A modern version, of course, but it pretty much resembles Noah’s story.

Well, we might have to wait a bit more for Doom’s Day (thank God). As it turns out, this phenomenon isn’t as rare as we would have thought. Atmospheric rivers caused major alarm in most of USA recently. Since a massive storm hit California on Monday, the phenomenon gained new media attention. In fact, atmospheric rivers are responsible for most of history’s biggest floods. So, we still have a chance that this one will pass, just like all the others. The damage remains though, and nothing will bring back the lives that were lost.

It can’t be denied though that these storms are becoming more and more frequent. Every time larger areas are effected, and we are as helpless as we were earlier. Even with today’s technology, floods are something nobody can deal with yet. Of course, we can prepare, just like Noah did. Is building an arc the best option this time, too?

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

The Lovers:
The protected couple. It’s very strange that this is the first card in a question like this. In Noah’s story, too, there was a couple saved from each species. However, this card is really positive, so there is no need to worry. In a broader sense, as long as we stick together, nothing can harm us.

Seven of Wands:
Indeed, we are being challenged. All we can do now is stand our ground and hold on. We can’t always win, and there are things we can’t control.

King of Wands:
Challenges make us stronger. They are necessary on our journey towards self-discovery. Biblical or not, these storms will pass and we will come out victorious the other end.


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