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A call for recount – should Clinton challenge the results?

Hilary Clinton Recount

A call for recount – should Clinton challenge the results?

One would think that once the election is over, it is really over and a new era begins. And although we suspected that the results will cause disruption amongst the voters, this election still holds surprises. According to computer scientists, the election might have been rigged, urging Hilary to challenge the results.

There are three states in question, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where the manipulation might have occurred. And true, according to the popular vote, Clinton was ahead of Trump. But right now, shouldn`t the focus be on accepting the unchangeable? Or is it not written in stone yet who will be the next president of the United States?

We have learned by now, that throughout history, battles were won or lost in the blink of an eye. Sometimes what seemed certain fell flat on its face, and defeat was unavoidable.

So, what is it going to be? Should the petition proceed, and if so, what would happen if it did? Would it be better for the American citizens, or will it cause further mayhem? Is this an attempt at grabbing at the last straw, or could this really work?

Let`s consult the cards to get an insight into what a recount of the votes could mean.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Four of Cups: It seems like that Clinton is thinking about the offer that has been made. However, she doesn`t want to make a decision until she knows the facts. The general dissatisfaction that describes her followers is yet to provide her with answers. This card also suggests that we shouldn`t take anything for granted. Nothing is permanent, and in fact, things can be challenged. The question still remains though: would it be worth it?

Strength Reversed: Doubt has already creeped in, so whether they proceed or not, the results will be questioned. And like this, the debate could go on forever. Like a lion licking his wounds, so will the defeated be reminiscing about a time lost. If they manage to find enough strength to proceed, success can be theirs, but the suspicion will remain.

The Hierophant Reversed: This card leaves us with little choice. Challenging the status quo is a nearly impossible act this time. However, following the appointed leader might seem just as hard for Clinton`s fans. Being torn between the two worlds puts huge pressure both on Clinton and her followers.

All in all, the decision is still pending, and it will be up to Hilary to make the wisest choice. It could work, but results can never be guaranteed, nor can a happy ending. Regardless of what happens, we hope that more damage won`t be caused and the nation can finally be united. Which should have been the goal all along. The who and what might not be as important as the how and why.

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