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What is Calvin Harris regretting now?

calvin harris

What is Calvin Harris regretting now?

Calvin Harris has revealed his regret at how his breakup with Taylor Swift was played out in public. After almost a year of dating, the two went their separate ways. At first, it was all very amicable, and then things started to turn a little nasty. The problem appears to be that there were still feelings there when they split. When you have feelings and are trying to make a break, it’s like having a sore thumb, everything hits off it. Little things hurt a lot and you react on instinct.

There was a bit of a misunderstanding over some music he wrote and produced where Taylor Swift is said to have done the lyrics. But between one thing and another, mixed with the fact she was now dating Tom Huddleston. Obviously, feelings ran raw, things were said, and now that time has passed Calvin has expressed regret at how things were handled. It can’t have been easy.

Calvin Harris revealed that he felt that Taylor Swift and her team were not being honest about his involvement and were trying to make him look bad. This with a lot of other things made him snap. Calvin admits that he is not good at being a celebrity, so it’s very understandable that between the emotions running wild along with the feeling that he was being lied to. It’s very easy to put yourself in Calvin’s shoes, and to be honest, how many of us would have taken it that easily?

 Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Well, let’s see what the cards are saying for you Calvin Harris and have a look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

The King of Coins shows that you are in line to be very busy. Your business life is one that requires a lot of your attention at the moment, and I would be inclined to focus there for the time being. This is not to say that you are to remain single and become a monk.

No Calvin, The Three of Cups indicates, by all means, you have plenty of friends to be partying with, so make the most of it. Although you like to play things low key on the media side of things. You can be sure that any female within 10 feet of you from here on in, is fair game for them to link as a new live interest.

The Sun Card shows a time for new possibilities and ventures. It’s hard to step out of the limelight once you have been in it. It’s a bit like a search light. It follows you everywhere. But you will be able to use this to your advantage. Don’t shun the limelight altogether. It’s possible your true heart’s desire is not all that far away. And it’s about location location, location.

We wish you well in your future, let’s put the mistakes of the past down to education.

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