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Calvin Harris seen stepping out with a new lady. Is the DJ dating again?


Calvin Harris seen stepping out with a new lady. Is the DJ dating again?

DJ Calvin Harris has recently broken his silence on his public separation from Taylor Swift after reports surfaced that Hiddleswift had split.

The former couple were together for 15 months and their separation seemed amicable… to begin with. However, things seemed to go downhill fast when Taylor alleged an involvement in contributing to one of his songs. Calvin has always maintained that Taylor’s songwriting abilities were top-notch. But following their split twitter rows emerged and harsh words and accusations were exchanged. It’s not all bad, though, apparently, Taylor respected his feelings and his desire for privacy. Despite conducting their relationship in as low-key fashion as possible, they became the focus of much-unwanted media attention, the aftermath surprised Calvin and he has admitted that he’s not great at maintaining a celebrity status.

The handsome Scotsman has recently won the Patron Solo Artist of the Year Award at the GQ Awards in London. He has been seen stepping out with Mexican actress and model Eliza Gonzalez who had a brief fling with Liam Hemsworth during his separation from Miley Cyrus. Calvin is typically keeping things low key with his lady friend to see how it goes. Quite right dear!

 Véronique’s Verdict

 So which cards did DJ Calvin draw today? We have The Death Card, The Ace of Swords and The Eight of Swords. Definitely a time of profound change and new beginnings! 

The Death Card is very much about enforced change that may cause some pain if resisted. When a transition occurs there is a new beginning and an act of release allows the possibility to move forward again and this is now something that Calvin feels ready for. He’s in a better place emotionally since recognizing and confronting the changes that were imposed.

The Ace of Swords shows a triumphant energy connected with a new phase of expansive action. This card represents a new found awareness of his life path and a time of excitement and new beginnings. He has moved on from his last relationship and is working within the laws of Karma.

The Eight of Swords shows the many options open to Calvin moving forward, any period’s of indecision around him will be considered and removed. He should make the most of the creative inspiration around him and use his intellect focus on further collaborations. I don’t feel that he should rush into a new relationship right now even if he has moved on from Taylor Swift. I do feel that he will take the next relationship slowly.

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