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Cameron out and about in Beverley Hills with her husband one year on.

Cameron Diaz Benji

Cameron out and about in Beverley Hills with her husband one year on.

Actress and former model Cameron Diaz was spotted looking au natural and carefree with husband Benji Madden, rock musician and judge on the voice Australia.  The second highest earning actress of all time married in a simple ceremony in January 2015 with close friends and loved ones with nothing to prove to anyone, and marriage definitely seems to agree with this stylish couple after eighteen months of wedded bliss.  Cameron, famous for her ex’s as well as her professional achievements has said that she doesn’t remember that part of her life because that does not matter now that she has her husband, no one compares and in no way did she see this coming in any way shape or form! She has said of her current happiness, everyone told her that when she met the one she was meant for, then she would just know. And now she most definitely does know. It’s a feeling from the heart and from the soul, it’s something that cannot be second-guessed. Kissed many frogs Cameron?  Well, she has most certainly found her prince!

Véronique’s Verdict

So what do we have for this couple? They drew The Fool, The High Priestess, and The Hermit. An interesting combination of cards for a celebrity couple in the public eye. I feel that the Fool describes the evolution of their relationship and it’s a great card to have. One of the most common questions asked is, ‘when will I meet my soul mate / true love / the one?’ I would say that Cameron is more than qualified to now answer that question. Cameron and Benji have both had serious relationships in the past but theirs is different for many reasons. The relationship developed quite quickly without the obligatory bells and whistles that we have come to expect from a celebrity liaison, with no justification to the rest of the world. Cameron said that she just knew. Knew what? I hear you ask. This is a soul mate connection in its truest form, it is a feeling that does not translate into words because there are none. No analysis, no risk, just the truth and what feels right on a soul level for the couple. The High Priestess demonstrates a power that does not need to be verbalized, like being in a secret society where words are redundant and communication comes via intuition. Cameron doesn’t have to explain herself to Benji… he just knows! The Hermit is a card of looking within rather than without for answers. The Hermit does not rush to do anything, and if these cards contradict what may be perceived as a whirlwind relationship that began to develop in 2014 and became a marriage in early 2015, I disagree, this is a true love soul connection without the desire for material trappings. Looking outside of the relationship for validation is not an option here. They have everything that they need and all the time in the world.

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