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Can everyone help eliminate hurricanes?


Can everyone help eliminate hurricanes?

As unbelievable as that sounds, it might not be impossible. Scientists have been trying to control the weather for as long as time goes back. It simply isn’t something that’s possible right now, but then again, once we believed that the world was flat.

Over the years, there have been many theories as to how to control the weather, and as such, hurricanes. From satellites to giant microwaves, to seeding clouds, we have tried many things. Some worked to an extent, while others failed miserably. But is it really possible? Can we do anything, apart from surveying and monitoring them, thus taking precautions?

Conspiracy theorists already claim that the hurricanes are a result of experiments conducted by humans. Even if that’s not entirely true, global warming has a lot to do with it. According to John Moore, a scientist at Beijing Normal University, it isn’t really a question of controlling the hurricanes as such, but rather their cause factors.

”We have no real idea how to control weather in the sense of a hurricane. All that realistically can be done is changing the thermodynamics of the system, which largely means changing the sea-surface temperatures.” He also adds that there needs to be a reduction of CO2 emission. Makes sense, right?
The real question is, will people do it? And is that all it takes to control the weather? Well, it certainly seems like our technology is going to reach a point where anything will be possible. But, until then, we need to do what we can. Let’s ask the cards to see what that is.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Queen of Swords:
We have gathered lots of experience and knowledge over the years. Although, there is still a lot to learn. It’s important to know that even if we don’t yet see the bigger picture, we can all contribute. Remember, it’s always our choice to live a more conscious life, and that includes looking after the environment.

Ten of Cups:
This card represents a breakthrough in the matter at hand. If we realize that we can all contribute to the cause, then we will succeed. Sooner or later, but we shall be able to reduce the damage.

Ace of Swords:
This card is a reminder that the longer we wait and think it isn’t our problem, the longer it will take to succeed. A shift in attitude is needed, otherwise the desired effect will be delayed.

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