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Cara Delevigne and St. Vincent. Is a long distance relationship too much?

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Cara Delevigne and St. Vincent. Is a long distance relationship too much?


The loved up supermodel Cara Delevigne, shared with the world her love for musician girlfriend St Vincent aka Annie. They enjoyed playing house as they licked each other’s wounds and spoke of their path to inner healing. However, the relationship appears to have become long distance and this was rumored to have taken its toll creating the very thing that they wished to avoid.

The ladies previously referred to each other as ‘a savior’ when they bonded over their respective childhood traumas. They did have the relationship basics that a long distance connection needs, the commitment, and trust seemed to be there.

So what went wrong? Essentially a love partner should feel like a priority, even if work and friendships get in the way. Leading separate lives is fine in principal as long as there is some form of emotional intimacy in order that they grow together instead of apart. Technology, however, evolved these days is no substitute for a partner’s actual presence.

Cara celebrated her 24th birthday last month, Annie was conspicuous in her absence. The rumor mill says they have split but continue to be friends. Were the cracks beginning to show last month when Annie didn’t show for Cara’s birthday bash? Cara has been seen out ‘partying’ with ex Amber Heard among other famous friends. Maybe posting cryptic messages and photo’s of questionable actions on social media doesn’t help.

Do they have plans for a relationship future or is it truly over for these two?

Véronique’s Verdict

We drew The Prince of Pentacles, The Queen of Swords and The Wheel of Fortune. I feel that one of the partners needs to grow up if they wish to reconnect emotionally in the future.

The Prince of Pentacles shows an immature and stubborn energy. This card represents a hard working individual, an outdoors kind of person who feels more at home outside the confines of the home.

The Queen of Swords shows information that may feel like a burden. There are an independence and strength shown in this card. A frivolous energy is revealed here and although this card can pertain to unhappy personal experiences, there is a lack of empathy for anyone who may find themselves in a similar position.

The Wheel of Fortune shows a fated element here. A spin of the wheel could go either way. There is a melancholic energy that we enter the world alone and we leave the world alone, beginnings and endings simply a part of the seamless circle of life regardless of our actions. I feel that if the two ladies engage openly and honestly without the need to hide behind their respective careers and friendships then a reconnection can be possible. Either could compromise, but there is a self-indulgent ego that is being allowed to masquerade as the heart of a child needy of attention. I do not feel that either of them is ready to come forward with an apology at this time.

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