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Who upset Casey Wilson over her Moms sudden death?

Casey Wilson Upset

Who upset Casey Wilson over her Moms sudden death?

Losing a parent is one of the most difficult things people have to deal with in life. Not to undermine Fathers, but Mothers carry a special place in our hearts. They are your first nurturer, your main source of guidance through life, and in most cases your best friend. So when you lose her, as we all must at some stage. There is an enormous hole in your life. Casey Wilson was dealing with this most horrible of times, but to make matters worse, some insensitive person put her Mother’s death down to obesity and documented it as such.

Casey stated:

“My Mom Struggled with her weight so when I saw this I was devastated.”

To Casey let me say.

Your Mother actually passed over from a heart attack in her sleep as diagnosed Casey. A peaceful way for her to go, but heart-breaking for you, stealing you off your chance to say good bye. Don’t take note of the insensitivity of a clerk. She is and always was your Mother. I don’t use the words “Death or Died” because I don’t believe we ever do. Stones are dead. Not souls. Your Mother’s love for you was as strong as yours for her. Now that you are a Mother yourself, you should have some insight into that most special of bonds. I truly believe there is no knife sharp enough in this world or the next, to cut the cord that bonds Mother to a child. Know that she is only a thought away.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Let’s throw a few cards out for you Casey and see where your journey is taking you. Remember your Mother gave you the most amazing gift in this world. That is life. Live it to the full to show her how grateful you are.

The Six of Coins.

This card is about our ability to show others how things should be done when it comes to priorities in your life. While keeping a career going and raising a child, unknowingly you are the envy of many. You bring laughter to many people through your work and in today’s troubled world that is a medicine much needed to help people get through the day.

The Three of Wands.

Here is the card of energy. You have more talents than the one the public know and are quite flexible in learning new things. At 35, you are still a young lady, and there are many parts to your personality which even you are unaware of. In time, you will unwrap your new talents, like a rose opening its petals to the sun.

The Four of Wands.

Peace and calm have been restored emotionally. I’m sure you know your Mother is never far away. It’s as though you can feel her presence sometimes. All you need to do is have a conversation like you always did. Your emotions are the link between the two of you. This is like a phone signal that is unique to both of you. It’s like no one else has the number to that phone and it is always opened for conversation.

As you move through life, you will realise that what is important is how you and your Mother had a connection between you. She doesn’t care what some clerk in an office said about her. But only what you know and feel. Remember her fondly, and keep the connection opened. She will send you little signs now and again. Be open to receiving them, recognise them for what they are. They are signs of her saying: “I’m ok.”

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