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What caused war in the Kardashian household?

War in the Kardashian Household

What caused war in the Kardashian household?

Kris Kardashian lashed out at Kim branding her a traitor for helping Caitlyn Jenner to get ready for the ESPYs. During a phone call with Kim and Khloe, Kris called Kim a “F—king traitor” for helping Caitlyn to prepare. Kim responded that she wants to stay natural between her warring parents. Kris replied, “I don’t want F—king neutral.” It’s never good for a child caught in between warring parents regardless of how old you are. You can’t do right for doing wrong, and all too often, the offspring gets the worst end of the stick.

Kim, you can’t win this one. If you withdraw your support, you will be labelled by Caitlyn. Yet, if you continue to support Caitlyn you stand to receive to the wrath of your mother. Perhaps it’s time to have this discussion with both. Very often parents can forget what it was like to be someone’s child. This is a good chance to remind them how awkward it is for children to have to take sides. If need be, you could round up your siblings as a united front to say leave us out of it.

I know you have had a terrible time lately Kim so, let’s throw out some cards for you to get something positive on your path.

The Eight of Wands This is a card of positivity and moving forward. You can remind the pair of them that you have had enough trauma in your life recently. The last thing you need is to end up as the net in their tennis match. You are in recovery from a very traumatic experience, and you need time to get yourself back up and running again. At the end of the day, a new you is emerging from all this trauma. A stronger you, and you don’t need someone else’s stress on your shoulders.

The Fool Card. This is the card of taking chances. Approaching this as an adult who will remind your parents that you are an adult and not a child anymore. It will allow you to discuss this like an adult. They may not like what they are hearing, but for peace of mind, it is the only way forward. Brave up girl and take control. I know it’s not easy to do when they are your parents, but this must stop.

The Ace of Coins. This is about priorities. Your priorities are where you need to focus. Coming to terms with what happened in Paris, and building a bridge over it. Now I know you parents are supportive, but they can’t be dragging you between both. The problems they have are their problems, not yours. With the Ace of Coins, it reminds us that we must be preparing for our future. Building a road to move forward.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

I know now it’s very hard to get a handle on things. The recent events marred your life and knocked things off target. But this is not the end of the road. It may have awoken a strength in you that you didn’t know you had. Facing up to this will set an example to other victims. The new year into March 2017 has some very interesting events happening around you. It’ worth focusing on that month and working towards it. It will take your mind off the arguments between your parents and help you to rebuild you.

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