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Celebration of Life with Three of Cups Tarot

three of cups tarot

Celebration of Life with Three of Cups Tarot

When the Three of Cups shows up in a reading, I always know good feelings of friendship, family connections or just a general celebration of life is going on. “Something” has happened or getting ready to happen that will be a happy occasion; whether it be a birth, a new job, a new marriage or relationship where you feel blessed. This will especially be prominent in the reading if hard times have been experienced prior.

The Three of Cups is a card of celebrating what brings you joy, feelings of closeness, sisterhood and close ties with those you care about; not necessarily always of a romantic kind but encompassing almost any life experience that unconditional love is the source and collaboration. This card encourages you to spend time with people you care about, celebrate others happiness, make the most out of even the smallest opportunity to……. well….be joyous! It is the energy of togetherness, sharing, giving, receiving love, support and compassion, regardless of what the situation is. It is not necessarily always your joyous occasion but sharing it with someone that you care about. Someone you love very much and has just given birth to her first baby. Your best friend’s marriage or your own! The energy is high and comes together with amazing accomplishments.

The Three of Cups has strong creative energy and may indicate being with a group that allows you to express yourself in a way you would normally not do by yourself; such as a dance or art class, joining a singing choir…anything that brings out a sense of comradery with others while enjoying yourself and those around you. This card is about connection is a very positive way, coming together with like-minded people that enjoy the same things you do or just being part of someone else’s celebration. This celebration of friendship, family and love does not always mean that it is directly centered around you but also being part of the environment.

While the Three of Cups is about sharing good times with friends, family or a partner in a social situation, when the card is reversed, it suggests that all that socializing might be getting on your nerves and you prefer to just stay at home and watch a good movie in your pajamas. You may need some alone time to regenerate. It can also indicate that you have become bored with your set of friends and are feeling that it might be time to move on to a new social circle. It can get a little closer to home with you feeling left out of the celebrations going on around you. Whichever it is, this card reversed is saying either you have been doing too much partying and time to slow down or you if your phone has stopped ringing from your old friends, time to make some new ones.

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In general, this is card that things are going fairly well with the people in your life. It shows that you will be able to look forward to something that gives you a good feeling, a reunion of old friends or old lovers coming together again.

Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Career: The Three of Cups is definitely a good card to pull when it comes to your job. New job offers, promotions or an acknowledgement of doing a good job by your boss. If looking for work, that new position is definitely right around the corner.

Love: Sometimes this card will imply a love showing up from the past or a love that you thought was lost, returns. It can get tricky about what you are celebrating when it comes to love for there is always the situation of be careful what you ask for. If you are looking for a new love, it usually means that Mr. Right is so close you can just about reach out and touch him.

Money: When the Three of Cups celebration card comes up in finances, it is always an indication there has been an upturn in your prosperity. The cautionary tale here is too much celebration with new money and not being wise with how you are caretaking it.

Health: The Three of Cups is a great card for encouragement if you have plans getting yourself on a new diet and exercise health regime. This card is your cheering section for those healthy changes in your daily routine, reminding you that you will feel great afterwards. Feel the burn!!!!!!

Spirituality: If the Three of Cups falls into your spirituality corner, the advice is to reach out further in your desire for the spiritual answers you have been seeking. Maybe now is the time to seek out that “spiritual teacher” or group for those answers.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Whatever the reason for celebration, the Three of Cups reminds you to NOT forget to do just that, “celebrate”; friends, family, births, marriages, job promotions, a new guy in your life…. heck, the new shoes you have been coveting and just went on sale half price!

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