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Celebrities’ Plastic Surgery Records Lifted In Massive Theft

Celebrities’ Plastic Surgery Records Lifted In Massive Theft

Celebrities’ Plastic Surgery Records Lifted In Massive Theft

Celebrities’ Plastic Surgery Records Lifted In Massive Theft.  Which celebrities had work done is often one of the best-kept secrets. Or at least it used to be. A disgruntled employee allegedly stole the records of more 15,000 patients at a ritzy Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic, including some for Los Angeles’s most famous fake faces. A spokesperson for Dr. Zain Kadri’s operation on Rodeo Drive told the Daily News that the former employee quit after being accused of fraud on her time charts, but that confidential medical records she accessed are unaccounted for. A spokesperson for the office stated the staffer also took photos of patients during their procedures and posted them on social media. Some of the alleged activities came to light during a company audit. The office reported the thefts to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and has alerted clients. The sheriff’s department has confirmed it was investigating and the ex-worker was “being sought for questioning.”

According to the Daily News, the photos of unconscious patients were discovered after the accused, who was no longer employed by the office, violated a restraining order recently and left behind her cellphone as police escorted her away from a record-keeping storage facility offsite. She apparently also had taken pictures of patients’ credit card numbers and other sensitive information. As for who among the prominent might be at risk, the spokesperson said: “Quite a few of our patients are people that would be recognizable and are of an affluential status.,” “This whole thing is turned upside down, we’re finding out more and more everyday. We’re focusing on trying to take care of the patients.” The accused was also allegedly taking pictures of patients getting various nips and tucks, though that was not discovered until after she had left the company for being confronted with the results of an internal audit. Beyond the pictures, the spokesman said that a break in at the clinic’s records center took both physical files as well as hard drives with thousands of people’s data. Kadri’s office said that they have spent the last weeks contacting all of the patients who they can find info for, with reactions ranging from general anger to some thinking “if this info gets out into the public eye it could be seriously damaging to them.” Those who have had data stolen in the breach have also been advised to monitor their credit card activity and change their account information.

It Is Obvious This Employee Had Some Kind Of Big Money Making Scheme In Mind!

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

This feels like more than one person was involved in this scheme. I believe the end game was to see how far they could take it with the threat of exposing sensitive images for profit. The information is still out there and possibly may show up on social media here and there. If it does go that far, you will possibly see some prominent A listers lawyer up.

Ace of Cups: Inverted (Upside Down)
This card is gaining one’s heart’s desire. Since the card was drawn inverted, I feel it shows those who had all the nip and tuck work done got what they wanted and now have to deal with the unwanted side of having work done, being exposed.

Knight of Cups:
This card is a male who is romantic at heart and a dreamer. I feel this is Kadri’s feeling about his practice and the service he supplies. Keeping up the illusion of youth and Hollywood’s standards of beauty. I do not believe it will affect his practice nor his standing with his regular clients.

Ten of Wands:
This card is a burden card. I believe this situation will not go away for quite awhile for Kadri’s practice. Even if all the files are retrieved, he will never be sure if and when copies will pop up and then having to deal with the whole thing all over again.


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