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Weekly Celebrity Horoscope- Brad and Angelina

Celebrity Horoscope- Brad and Angelina

Weekly Celebrity Horoscope- Brad and Angelina

For the first time since the divorce, the former couple seems to finally be moving on with their lives. Brad Pitt was recently spotted with friend Julia Roberts, and Angelina Jolie is going to have custody over their children. These times are both sad and challenging, but today let`s focus on the aspects of their personality based on their birth chart. This way we can see which of their strengths they are going to use to get through this.

Brad`s Personality according to his birth chart: He is always on the go, never stopping for a minute. He is friendly and easy-going; however, he can trust too easily. He looks at things in a positive way, even when times are tough. He finds new information fascinating, and he is eager to learn from everything and everyone. He embraces the world with an open heart, but this is also his weakness. He is adventurous, always ready for change; however, he can be calm and measured as well if needed.

Angelina`s Personality according to her birth chart: Similarly to Brad, she has a passion for learning and discovering hidden meanings. She makes friends easily, however, in intimate relationships it isn`t that easy for her to open up. She likes to keep busy, and her emotions change easily (and quickly). She takes things lightly, which a lot of people find attractive. However, her feelings normally remain a mystery – on occasion even to herself.

Weekly Horoscope for Brad Pitt: And just as learning is part of his nature, now it will come handy. The following week is going to see him take count of all the things he has. He will see things more clearly, and will come to a deeper level of understanding of what happened and why. Hidden secrets might be revealed, and he will question everything once more. He still has hope that things will work out for the best. This positive attitude will help him get through these difficult times.

Weekly Horoscope for Angelina Jolie: Although things have turned out in her favour, she has a lot to digest still. The next week is going to find Angelina nursing old wounds. She might turn to different methods, hoping to find emotional relief. This could appear as over-indulging in what life has to offer. Shopping, chocolates, champagne, that sort of thing. However, around the 13th she will realize that this isn`t the way. She will turn to her children for comfort. Looking after them will bring her all the satisfaction she needs.

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