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Celebrity Horoscope – Rob Schneider

Horoscope Rob Schneider

Weekly Celebrity Horoscope – Rob Schneider

Happy 53rd Birthday Rob Schneider! Let`s see what the stars and planets have in store for you for the week ahead.

But first, a little bit about your birth chart, and what it says about you:
You possess a great amount of mental energy, however, at times you can be overly suspicious. You invest a lot of time in maintaining a sharp mind. You are quick-witted and conversational and enjoy expressing yourself. You are curious of anything that everything that surrounds you. And although you like to hear your own voice, you let others speak, too. You are interested in others` opinions, but often ignore their advice. There are times when you even question what you want. Sitting tight isn`t your thing.

Weekly Horoscope Love: The next week is filled with dreams of love, if not real love. Daydreaming isn`t your thing, but this time you are willing to make an exception. Your senses are awakened, and you can easily fall in love – with someone new, or an existing partner. This could also mean that you neglect your duties and your carrier. But hey, you can allow yourself a break, too!

Weekly Horoscope Carrier: You speak more freely than usual, which can cause some unwanted attention. This can easily turn into quarrels and even physical fights if you aren`t careful. You will feel protective of others, and justice will be important to you. But this also means that you will have to defend those who need your help. And more than once this could be your own self this week.

Weekly Horoscope Health: There is a lesson to learn the following week: patience and restraint. This week will see you meditate a lot, as you will feel the need to look deep within. You will reflect on the fact that you are more irritable than usual. If you manage to find the root of your problems, you will find the solution, too. You also need to be patient with yourself, not just those around you. Take your time, now you can afford to do so.

Weekly Horoscope Leisure: You have a strong desire now to create something lasting, unique and beautiful. This can be a piece of art, a painting, a poem, anything of that sort. You are filled with creative energy, and this week will see you reconnect with your inner child. Joy and innocent happiness are key feelings that will find you in these days. You will aim to achieve perfection, both in terms of beauty and convenience.

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