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Celine Dion deals with loss and the holiday season.

Celine Dion Christmas without Rene

Celine Dion deals with loss and the holiday season.

Every year people gather for the holiday season to celebrate with family or even friends. As it’s only once a year, it becomes like a marker post of the year in our lives. This year, as you set about gathering around the table, spare a thought for those empty seats at many tables across the world. With one empty seat, comes many broken hearts. Celine Dion is facing her first Christmas without her beloved husband René Angélil, who passed from this world in January of this year.

To Celine Dion:

Our hearts and minds are with you at this time. I have no doubt that you will make the best of the season that is possible. However, every person with a beating heart will know and understand the pain that fills that empty chair. You and your husband were bound together in life and also in spirit. Even those of us who believe without a doubt that our loved ones are still alive and in spirit feel pain at their physical loss. We miss the certainty of the touch, sight and sound of them and have to rely on a lesser known sense to feel their presence.

Spirit and the holiday season:
During the festive season, there is an overwhelming feeling of good will and in some cases sadness or loss. It is by its very nature an emotional time, as we reflect on times gone by and the people who shared those magic moments with us. In my belief, those who leave us, simply hang up the coat they carried all their lives, their bodies. It is the body that didn’t function, the energy of the being they are, is still alive and very strong. As you feel the emotions of loss, you send out a message to them and their energy, once again, connects with yours. So, they really haven’t gone very far. We just need to learn a new way of listening to them.

How will I know they are here?
Most married couples will say that they get to a stage where they almost think one thought. They will know if the other is upset without them showing any signs of this. They will feel connected to them even when they are on the other side of the world. This is because your spirits have connected to such a level, that they contain half of your energy, and you contain half of theirs. Two become one as they say in the marriage ceremony. Ask yourself, how many times before they passed, have you felt that they were in the room, without hearing or seeing them only to find out they were? How many times have you felt there was something wrong when they were away from home, only to find there was? This is a spiritual connection and you don’t need to pass over to experience it.

Filling the Empty Chair:
You can do one of two things. You can remove the chair from the table and continue, or you can leave it there, knowing it will be filled with a loving presence. Your connection has not been broken. You just need to learn a new way of listening to each other. The truth is, the chair is never empty. When they are remembered in love, they will be with you. So, as you celebrate the holiday season, do so as though he is celebrating with you. He is without pain or age. His food will be your love and happiness because this is the purest energy. Remember how you knew when he was there when he was on this side? When you feel that feeling again this time, smile and wish them a happy holiday. They will be home for the Holiday season.


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