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Cheating in a Relationship


Cheating in a Relationship

Can you tell me if my wife is interested in another man? Is he cheating on me? These types of questions are very difficult for a psychic adviser to answer, as the person asking it is usually very emotional at the time.

Even more heartbreaking for the adviser is when the answer is the partner has been unfaithful; however, the client already deep down knows the truth, and is slowly emerging out of the denial stage. This requires a psychic to be very gentle, yet honest during the reading.

I understand what a tragic subject cheating is because I’ve been cheated on in past relationships, while also delivering the news when I used to work the psychic lines – not pleasant! Even when a person is just pondering about cheating it can cause anguish in the partner as the following below paragraph illustrates.

A man called asking if his wife was cheating. My guides revealed to me that she wasn’t, yet was debating whether or not if she should. When I began revealing information to aid his relationship, which would avoid his wife cheating on him, my client cut me off by saying, “Who, who is it?” Who the object of desire was not revealed to me no matter how many times my client asked.

He kept interrupting me every time the guidance on how to prevent his wife from cheating and save the marriage came up. Finally, he hung up on me. This caller not only frustrated me, but made me feel sad that he couldn’t listen to the valuable information available to empower his marriage.

How to detect cheating

Usually your gut knows when you’re being cheated on; nonetheless, here are some signs:

  • Being secretive
  • Working more hours at work
  • Becoming more distant
  • Using his/her phone more
  • Spending more time than usual with friends
  • Avoiding sex
  • Accusing you of cheating

Tread Carefully

Before you accuse your mate of having an affair there should be more evidence besides what the psychic said or your gut. Solid proof is needed to avoid false accusation, his/her denial, or being told you’re crazy.

Most cheaters won’t admit to infidelity without it, although some may feel a sense of relief to finally be able to reveal the truth. When you do have evidence, please release your emotions before confronting your partner to avoid it becoming a crime of passion.

There are times you haven’t been two-timed, instead you haven’t worked through past relationship issues of being cheated on, and you’re allowing experiences from the past to influence the current relationship. If you don’t release past deceivers, the law of manifestation could happen in two ways. The first is all future relationships will bring in unfaithful partners. Secondly, a faithful mate will be sent to you to release your fears of being cheated on.

Pamela’s Verdict

Whether you’ve been betrayed or not, the power is in your hands as whether or not to continue this relationship. Obviously, it’s easier to leave a short term relationship than a long term one. A pros and cons list of your partnership is an excellent way to figure whether to stay or go. Either choice will be smoother if you allow yourself to follow through the healing process in order to learn the lesson(s). You could choose to avoid the lesson, although it will be repeated with your next mate even though he/she has a different name and face.

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