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Has Chevy Chase hit rock bottom? What’s in store for the ‘Fletch’ star?

Chevy Chase

Has Chevy Chase hit rock bottom? What’s in store for the ‘Fletch’ star?

Comedian Chevy Chase has checked into Hazelden Addiction Treatment Centre in Minnesota. Chevy has been an Icon of comedy for many years. And brought a smile to many faces across the world. Known best for his role in” National Lampoon Vacation,” as the dysfunctional father. Who was only trying to do his best for his family, and getting it all wrong along the way. This guy deserves nothing but the best of wishes from those he has entertained for many years.

There is hardly a person out there who has not known someone who has had a problem with alcohol. It is something that is far more readily available than drugs. And far too easy to turn to, when something is needed to take the edge off the day. The hardest part is for someone to admit that it has now become a problem. The sad part about alcohol abuse. Is that it is normally a problem for those around you, before you realise it is a problem for you. With the right support and frame of mind. This can be turned around, but you need to put your hands up and admit you need help.

Chevy Chase, who has hosted the Academy Awards twice and starred in big screen comedies like Fletch, Soulplay. Had previously sought help for addiction to painkillers in 1986. This unfortunately, is a problem many people have across the world, and an easy trap to fall into. It points to something which I have always maintained. Many a heavy heart hides behind the brightest smile. Those who bring us laughter and make our world an easier place to be. Very often keep their own demons silent, battling a lonely battle hidden behind laughter.
I hand on heart wish Chevy Chase nothing but the best in his recovery. And I hope when people talk about his problem, they remember the fun and laughter he brought to us. Maybe now it’s our turn to be there for him. With the greatest of respect. And the knowledge that it could just as easily be you or me walking that difficult walk. we wish him a speedy recovery.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Let’s see what the cards offer Chevy Chase in the near future. The cards around you Chevy, point to the home front and those who are closest to you. Now I know there are those out there who would say you don’t have problems. Because in their eyes you are better off than they are. But because of your love of your home and family, your stress levels can soar. This is shown in The Ten of Cups. It doesn’t matter how secure we may think something is. The fear of losing it is very real, and for that, we put ourselves under great strain.
Sometimes as the male of the family. We instinctively feel it is up to us to carry the load of the worry.
But The Two of Cups shows that you have to learn. There is a very strong woman by your side. She who is well capable of helping carry the load. No one leads, you walk together.
The Hierophant Card is the student. A time for learning. We are never too old to learn new things and new ways Chevy. And as we age, we must adjust to a changing world. It’s ok to get it wrong now and again. It’s ok to fall. We all do sometimes. But by admitting you had a problem, you showed you have strength. Let it guide you, then come back and make the world laugh again. It can never have too much laughter, and we need people like you to bring it to us.

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