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Train in sleeping distance ( China train route inside building )

Train in sleeping distance ( China train route inside building )

Train in sleeping distance (China train route inside building)

Many of us consider public transport proximity when we move to a new flat. This is especially important for those who travel regularly. The majority of Americans commute to work on a daily basis. Do you hate Monday mornings, too? There is always tremendous traffic and a rising panic deep within people. Will they reach the train on time? Or will they be late again, consumed by one of the setbacks of modern society?

Well, not anymore. There is good news for those who never want to be stuck in traffic again. Okay, we might have to wait for the brilliant invention to arrive in America. We can always dream, right? We have heard many stories about flying cars and traffic in the air. China has taken public transport to a whole new level on the ground. Okay, sort of. They created a train track that goes through, well, an actual house.

People no longer have to walk even a short distance to catch this train, no. Residents of Chingqing that is. Well, at least people who live in the 19-storey apartment slash train station. They can just hop in the elevator that will take them to the 6th and 8th floor. That’s where they can change to a more ‘conventional’ form of travelling, in an unconventional way. Wonder what’s coming next? Will American architects copy this clever way of saving time?

Just think about it. Wouldn’t it be great to get up half an hour later, relaxed, knowing that you won’t ever be late again? Okay, so living in the apartment slash train station might be noisy. Especially at night. Don’t you worry, you can leave anytime. You might not be able to travel anywhere from there (just yet) though. Still, who wouldn’t want to live so close to the station?

Wonder if anyone ever gets off and pretends to be your neighbour. Anyway, it is an innovative invention, that’s for sure. Let’s ask the cards to see whether it has a future or not.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Seven of Cups:
This train line comes with an illusion of the perfect thing. It is close, it is comfortable. But sometimes reality is harsher than our dreams, and we need to wake up. We certainly need to be careful what we wish for. It’s our choice at the end of the day, whether we embrace this type of change or not.

Six of Cups:
There is a tendency to look back at old times. Nostalgia takes over and we question new things. Remembering is wise, but we need to live in the present. Even if it involves flying cars and buildings with trains in them.

Eight of Pentacles:
There is still a lot to learn. The project is not fully developed yet. The first train gave people a ‘taste’ and they gained experience. Second time around, there will be fewer mistakes.


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