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Chinese New Year Starts with Tragedy

Chinese New Year Starts with Tragedy

Chinese New Year Starts with Tragedy

The Year of the Rooster has begun, which normally would mean fifteen days of celebration. Except this time the celebration ended in tragedy. A catamaran carrying 28 Chinese passengers was reported missing 13 hours after it disappeared. The group was headed towards a popular island to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

But instead of getting there, they ended up being stranded, drifting in the water helplessly. Two of the crew members swam ashore, letting people know what happened. Although, nobody knew what truly happened. The bad weather could have caused the boat to sink, but nobody can be sure. It certainly made the rescue team`s work nearly impossible.

They managed to save 23 people, which is always `good news` when we are talking about tragedy. It means that there were survivors. Unfortunately, there is more to the story this time. Six people are still missing, and three of the rescues died later, again, from an unspecified cause. And although it`s too early to make a conclusion, the search is becoming more and more difficult. The clock is ticking, and time is running out.

And although death doesn`t make an exception, this New Year will be remembered by the mourning families. Nor will the survivors forget. Tragedy in itself is horrible, but it also sends a message to all of us. We never know how much time any of us has. These moments bring reflection with them. We take inventory of our thoughts and actions, debating whether we have lived enough. And often we come to a conclusion that we haven`t. Now, those are the moments when tragedy evokes change.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and survivors. Let`s draw a few cards to see what`s going to happen.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Ten of Pentacles: The support of family is crucial now. Generations get together, helping one cope with this tragedy. Also, this card is an indicator that we have to look at the big picture here. The New Year brought a reminder that life is precious and should be cherished at all times.

Two of Wands: This event forced people out of their comfort zones. And they suffered a lot, but some of them also realized a lot about themselves. It opened their eyes to the Universe, making them realize that the world has more to offer. They got a second chance, and now is the time to live with it.

Ten of Swords (Reversed): This card represents the tragedy that happened, but it also carries healing. They are afraid to feel the loss, because it`s too painful. But it`s also necessary in order to start healing and regeneration. It will take time of course, but that`s natural.


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