Chiron Return: Midlife Reset and Do-Over!

chiron return

Chiron Return: Midlife Reset and Do-Over!

Chiron Return when it starts hitting your Sun sign at around the age of 47 through 64, is usually the beginning of what everyone calls “midlife crisis”.

It can be an awakening or it can be a challenge.

Regardless of how happy you are in your life or unhappy you may be, your higher self awakens a powerful Soul Window (spiritual life phase) and the dimensional veil to be able to hear the life coaching your higher self is giving.

Part of that life coaching is about evaluating the life you have lived so far and asking the question of “have you accomplished what your soul came here to do?” Below are some excerpts from my book, “Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine”. They clarify some of the mental, spiritual and emotional changes you go through when you reach this life phase.

When your dreaming soul fully awakens and evaluates your life situation at this time in your life, you get energetically re-mapped or imprinted to finish or possibly begin to accomplish what you came here to experience. You get a chance to reset or create a do-over in every area of your life, if you choose to do so. Some people’s Chiron Return (the 50-year birth cycle) is a big time-frame lasting onward to 15 years or so but most are around 8 or 9 years if some of the release work was done in the previous life phase of the 40’s. It also depends on how big is the life challenge you are unfolding.

This period of time is notoriously famous for “poking the sleeping bear” energy. If you had not addressed long deeply buried issues that came to the surface before, it is particularly intense and usually pulls the rug right out from under your feet in some area of your life. The dreaming soul looks around and asks the question of self: “Am I happy, am I fulfilled with who and what I perceive myself to be, do I feel joy, have I done what I came here to do?”

If you have done the preliminary work in your 40’s and addressed some of your life issues, this Chiron Return window can be a completion of those awakenings. If not, then the issues pretty much come flying at you with an intensity that can make you feel you are losing your sanity. Unfortunately, in dealing with these intense emotions, our medical society loves to issue little pills to make it all go away. We are supposed to feel those emotions, it is a sign that our divine self is pushing for change.

If you have not listened to your divine inner voice prompting you, not been kind to yourself, not made yourself a priority in your own life journey, not loved yourself enough, not addressed your spiritual self or whatever it is that you should have done or not have done… all holy hell breaks loose! Change begins to happen whether you are ready for it or not!

The energy on earth right now is extremely high intensity, pushing the ascension journey of all souls with almost instantaneous results from your sub-conscious belief systems. Everything is coming fast and hard, manifesting in such a way so you cannot miss it. In the past, you had the luxury of spending a few or many lifetimes working on an important issue you needed to be free of. Not so anymore, you do not have 10 or 15 years to decide whether you are ready to make crucial life changes. You are either going to get it or you are going to reincarnation summer school to catch up.

It is also important to understand about this age period that it sometimes aggravates the ego into full on hysteria. The ego does not like change at all, any kind of change where you take away the routine anchoring from your life. Your ego would rather have you stay in an unhappy familiar life situation where you know how to deal with the pain, recovery, pain, recovery routine than move onto something you cannot control… the future.

Remembering that your divine self is following a script you wrote, there is always free will in what choice you are going to make dealing with being unexpectedly blindsided. These are often life situations where you are left with no other choice but to deal with the reality before you. A husband leaving a wife of 25 years in a seemingly happy marriage, a successful business person selling everything and retiring to the beach to paint at the age of 54, leaving behind everyone and everything that were the trappings of his success. Good health throughout your life and now diagnosed with cancer or just cannot put your finger on what is wrong but you are no longer happy with your life and you feel sort of DEAD!

If you are experiencing these challenges, you must always remember there is no right way or wrong way. The only choice you have at that moment is how YOU are going to deal with it emotionally: positive or down the rabbit hole. This is free will and the real power you have over your life. Based on the premise that YOU are creating every moment of it, then you must accept that what you are now experiencing is the results of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings created at some distant past and has now caught up with you.

So, you end up finishing this period of your life, either with a total refit, addressing what you could or still dragging with you what you could not. At the very minimal, stuck your head in the sand and hoped that it would go away. Whatever choice you have made will come along with you into the next life phase in facing your mortality. Your life is now beginning to wind down and you are on the downside of the proverbial life mountain.

The life awakenings from this point get shorter, more profound and more deeply life altering. These changes will happen from the inside and outside, in preparation for your final life exam. Like it or not, change happens during Chiron Return, but that is what gives you the chance for a re-do or re-set for happiness in those mature life chapters.

Psychic Susan Z’s Verdict

Regardless of how you lived your life and the choices you made, life always gives you a second, third and even fourth chance to address what keeps you from being happy within yourself. Chiron Return is the biggest opportunity, as it is the “over the hump” and half your life is behind you. Stupidity or naivety of youth can no longer be an excuse. Best way to weather through this period of life is roll with the punches, pray and be pro-active on making changes within yourself. The harder you resist mid-life change, the crazier it gets.

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