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Chris Hemsworth`s Marriage is in Trouble – Or is it?

Chris Hemsworth Troubled Marriage

Chris Hemsworth`s Marriage is in Trouble – Or is it?

The Mighty Thor, “Chris Hemsworth” might need to use his special powers to save his marriage to the lovely Elsa Pataki. Well, if the rumours are true, that is. The couple said the magic words back in 2010, connecting their lives for ever. And now, according to Woman`s Day, “They’ve decided they need space, and they’ve been taking a little break from each other.”

It`s good job they haven`t told the couple that! But again, every rumour has its base somewhere in reality. Although sometimes it is very well hidden. Could it be that their relationship really is in trouble, and they just don`t know about it yet? Or is this a reflection of them spending time apart due to Chris`s leading role in Thor Ragnarok?

Chris seemingly takes the “news” in his usual ironic and humorous way: “Looking for a new wife according to @womansdayaus and other misleading outlets! Honey you still love me right?!”

But could there be a tad bit of insecurity behind his comments? What could be the real reason behind Elsa taking their kids to Spain, while her husband is filming in Brisbane? Let`s consult the cards and find out what is in store for the couple in the near future.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict

Ten of Swords for Chris: This card here represents his inner fears and feelings. Change is inevitable, and maybe even the end of their relationship. Chris feels shocked by this sudden revelation, and he feels like the victim who was unaware of his predicament. Acceptance doesn`t come easily, but again, there is still a chance to save the day – and the marriage.

Six of Cups for Elsa: She feels the need to reconnect with her past, to spend time with family and friends to bring back positive memories. Ones that would make her forget current challenges. However, she can`t live in the past, and has to look deep within to decide whether her current life still brings her happiness and joy. She needs to take some time to heal, in order to mend what can still be saved.

Queen of Swords: This card indicates that Elsa is an independent woman, who is going to make a decision based upon facts rather than emotion. She is rational, and will have a look at each and every aspect of their relationship before deciding. She is upfront and honest, and a quick thinker, so whatever is on her mind, she won`t hesitate to tell the truth.

Although it seems like there is trouble in paradise, the outcome isn`t decided yet. It will be up to Elsa to have the final say in the matter, and we can`t wait to see how this pans out. Hang on in there Chris, you don`t need to look for another wife just yet!

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