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Christmas Spirit – Its Real Meaning

christmas spirit

“Christmas is about change. It’s a time we open our hearts before we open our presents.” (Toni Sorenson)

The traditional purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, who is a symbol of love, light, hope and peace. This makes it a joyful season for true believers.

The Christian ideal is for the spirit of Christ to live in us all throughout the year. But this joyful so-called Christmas spirit does not require you to be Christian, or even religious.

The words of Edna Ferber, American novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner, come to mind: “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”

Christmas isn’t as easy as it seems

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it is also a difficult emotional holiday for many people. There is pressure to enter into the festive spirit, whether you care to or not. We think of Christmas as a time of getting together, but many people feel lonely during the holiday season; this gives rise to stress and even depression.

Also, today everyone is under pressure to spend so much money. It feels like we are losing sight of the original and most important aspect of Christmas. Is commercialism stealing the spiritual meaning of Christmas? Have we lost the most valuable aspect of the Christmas spirit?

How should we define “The Christmas Spirit”?

So what defines the true meaning of Christmas? Is Christmas just parties, gifts, and family time? Or is it best described as just that good feeling you get at this time of the year?

To me, above all, Christmas is a condition of the heart. Until one feels the spirit of Christmas, there is no Christmas. We must, therefore, appreciate the real meaning and embrace its true spirit:

In order to embrace the true meaning of Christmas, we need to reach down within ourselves and be willing to give ourselves and others our love. The gifts we give are a symbol of our love, not an obligation. As we give, so we should reflect upon the fact that no gift can truly ever equal the love we give to another person and the time spent together with them.

Appreciation is so important . So many feel dissatisfied with their lives. We focus on all the things we want to have. Yet, we spend almost no time appreciating what we already have, and feeling grateful for it. Gratitude, appreciation for what we have and a loving heart, these are what the Christmas spirit is all about.

Doing service
Embracing the spirit of Christmas also means giving to those most in need. Doing some service for someone in need or even anonymously leaving a donation. Such actions demonstrate an understanding of the real nature of Christmas. We can enjoy this period more fully when we help others who are in need.

Let’s embrace the Christmas spirit!

Christmas is a powerful time for reflection. It is a charitable time, a time for kindness and joy.The true spirit of Christmas is evidenced best in a generous heart.

And, just like life, Christmas becomes what we decide to make it. When we truly embrace the spirit of Christmas, with all its warmth, joy and love, we most closely resemble the spirit of Bethlehem and the character of baby Jesus.

Love life, love Christmas, love spirit!

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